chow mix

  1. J

    Some pics of my 4 babies

    Hi all. I will present my babies in the order in which I got them. The first is Penny... a larger chi at about 9 pounds.... she has such the personality!! So, she actually smiled for this picture..... :rofl1: The next one is Buck(y), Penny's first live-born son. He is such a...
  2. J

    Technically NOT new, but really am :)

    Hi all. I actually joined this forum in 2006, so my account page tells me. I must not have saved it to my bookmarks and totally lost track of it. Anyway, I have four dogs now (no more, I tell you, No MOre! LOL) My oldest is a yorkie named Toto, 8 years old, born Oct 8, 2000, who I...