1. dogtrainingpro

    Why You Should Give Your Dog Yogurt

    Improved gut health is just one reason to feed your dog this nutrient-packed food. Yogurt has a long, storied history, going all the way back to the Neolithic peoples of Central Asia, around 6000 BC, when herdsmen began milking their animals. Back then, storage containers were made from the...
  2. dogtrainingpro

    introduce yourself

    hello everyone, i'm a newbie this year i'm 29 years old my job is a dog trainer and i'm also studying nutrition and diet for dogs, i've learned a lot from video books... and so far I have had a lot of experience in dog raising.....
  3. Yorkie Mom

    Hello from the West Coast of Canada

    What a great Forum. I could easily be here all night. Members pictures are awesome too! A great bunch I have noticed. Happy to have stumbled upon Chazhound!
  4. C

    Test of new Chazhound Server

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