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    Puppy officially knows when he is being bad

    My puppy, Bunk, officially knows when he is being bad. As a general rule, we do not let Bunk into our room unless he is in his crate or we have him on our bed. Early today Bunk ran into the room after I left the door open and went right after my girlfriend's stuffed animals. The minute I walked...
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    Bunk's great weekend

    Had such a great weekend with Bunk! We went to this park about two miles away from our house and had a blast!. The best part was that we were able to let Bunk off his leash for the first time in an open area and had did soooooo well :) He didn't wander too far from us and he came to us when...
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    Dog Walker Taking Pictures

    I come home early the other day while our dog walker was at the house and found out that she has been taking pictures and videos of my dog Bunk. Is this creepy, or should be flattered by the idea that someone is so enamored by him that they would save him in their cellphone? In addition, I also...
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    Bunk here!

    Hey everyone. My name is Dan and my dog's name is Bunk. He is a 4 1/2 month pug and is the most awesome thing in my life (other than my girlfriend) :) I'll be checking in regularly to share stories about Mr Bunk and perhaps give and ask for advice. If you want to see pics I'll put some...