1. RainaCh

    Blue French BullDog

    Why Blue French Bulldogs are not recognized like others? Are they expensive or not real french?
  2. mommakatx2

    Say it ain't so...does this look like mange on my poor Dozer?

    We have not noticed anything on his neck until today when I gave him a bath. I scrubbed him down vigorously thanks to the red dirt we have here in Hawaii. His last bath was about 8 weeks ago. After I scrubbed him down and towel dried him, I noticed a bunch of hair came of his neck, and in...
  3. My Bully Sophie

    My Bully Sophie

    I adore this Dog, is she cute or what
  4. Bulldog Love

    Bulldog Love

    Sophie Loves Me and she shows it.
  5. Sophie girl

    Sophie girl

    me and sophie the Bulldog
  6. My speical gift#1

    My speical gift#1

    My friends are raving about this photo. My enlargement of lovely pet picture looks much more special.
  7. B

    Frenchie Rescue Shirt. Super Cute

    This shirt is by MA clothing artist James Anthony and created in part by NYT Bestselling Author Augusten Burroughs. All the proceeds go to benefit the french bulldog rescue+vet facility French Bulldog Village (frenchbulldogvillage.com) The shirt is available for purchase thru the authors...
  8. D

    Doc and Wyatts Virtual Travels across US!

    Come visit their blog as they travel virtually across the United States to help raise funds for pet rescue. Last year was a huge success so they are at it again! You can also sponsor them and have chances to win great art - 100% donated to rescue. No need to donate to watch them travel but...
  9. my deaf little pinky girl

    my deaf little pinky girl

    well this is my very 1st deaf abd .. i have own abds in the past but never befor was any of them like pinky she is a very independent girl who has had a hard past.. and all i plan on doing is filling the rest of her life with sunshine and lots of sweet love
  10. mess


    Breed: English Bulldog Date of birth: January 10, 2007 Sex: both available Quality: PET Price: $500 lovely english, ready to be part of your family she is well trained and family socialized, she weighs 12lbs and will weigh 55lbs at adult age, she is very friendly with kids and has a very...
  11. Kelly posing

    Kelly posing

    This is Kelly she is a purebred american bulldog. The photo was taken when she was 12 weeks old.