1. Bolerame

    Responsible Breeders websites

    If you are a responsible breeder who shows, health tests, registers your puppies with a governing national club and is intent on preserving and improving your breed then you are welcome to post your website on this thread. Please state what breed(s) and post your website address. Backyard or...
  2. S

    Site for dog lovers from Poland

    Site for dog lovers :banana: where community can read/write posts, articles, and post comments to each article. Everyone one has its own blog, wall, photo gallery where the most interesting things are published from puppies' life. Users can add dogs' photos, films and much more. There is also...
  3. lakotasong

    A Brave Voice Against Puppymills

    The Portland Oregonian described Ted Paul as an upstanding citizen and a life-time dog fancier. Indeed, his love of pets and his local prominence were the reasons he recently found himself in the news. You see, the Oregon businessman had traveled to the state Capitol and testified in support of...
  4. K

    puppy vs. adult dog "now and then" photo collection

    Hi, I thought it might be a good idea to make a collection of puppy vs. adult dog photos. Check: "now an then" photos comparing puppies to adult dogs If you would like to join, feel free to upload your pictures at Thank you :)
  5. S

    New Dog Breeder Website!

    Just wanted to let everyone know of new webiste for dog breeders, those looking for pups, or just dog lovers in general. It's call . Feel free to join up it is completely free and a great puppy social network! Enjoy!