1. M

    Working Papillon Breeder?

    Hello all! I used to own Papillons several years ago and have hence moved on to Border Collies. I work my Border Collies, taking them on adventures anywhere from paddle boarding in the wild to day trips in town. They herd and train 3-4x a week in agility. One even really enjoys obedience...
  2. YodelDogs

    Breeder Questionnaires

    How do you feel about breeders using questionnaires? Do you prefer them as a means of first communication or do you have a different preference? What kind of questions do you like seeing on a questionnaire? What kind of questions do you feel uncomfortable answering? Is there anything about a...
  3. moxiecollies

    New from Washington. I come with Collies!

    Hello! It's taken me forever to register on this site :lol-sign:. Thanks to my friend for giving me the much needed kick in the butt. I'm from Centralia WA. I breed collies in both coats (rough and smooth). My dogs show in Conformation and participate in Search and Rescue, Herding, Agility...
  4. S

    News on choosing a breeder/ line

    Hi everybody! I know I only posted once like a month ago, but I have some updates and thought maybe you'd be interested to hear them. I finally chose a kennel to get my future agility/show pup from. The kennel is Rexann samoyeds, and here is their web address: Rexann Samoyeds...
  5. lakotasong

    Let’s send a shelter dog to the White House!

    Let’s send a shelter dog to the White House! When Barack Obama’s family talked of getting a new dog, nearly 40,000 of you said they should adopt – NOT buy – their future pooch. Best Friends Animal Society is continuing the petition through the weekend, so you...
  6. Tiny teacup Yorkshire terrier (Yorkie) puppy

    Tiny teacup Yorkshire terrier (Yorkie) puppy

    One of the smallest and cutest one we ever had.