1. T

    help me pick a dog breed

    hello, I have owned dogs for my whole life but I have just bought my own house and I want a new dog but I need some help deciding on a breed. the breed must meet most(all prefered) of these criteria. - watchdog (not an aggressive guard dog but to bark to notify of intruders) - must be able to...
  2. A

    What breed is my puppy?

    I have a 5 month old, 15 pound puppy named Coconut. I'm curious what breeds you think he is mixed with because I am frequently asked if he is different breeds. file:///C:/Users/Alyssa/Pictures/2015-06-12/image3.JPG file:///C:/Users/Alyssa/Pictures/2015-06-12/image2.JPG
  3. 4

    What is my dogs breed?

    I just adopted my boy, Ringo. The rescue said he was an Australian Shepherd mix. What do you think?
  4. M

    What's the breed of my dog?

    I bought this pup for my wife from a local dog and cat rescue and they told me he was a Shiba Inu Chihuahua mix but I looked up pictures of that breed and they are too small and don't look the same. They also told me he is around 2 years old, so he is fully grown and is the perfect size. From...
  5. L

    What breed?

    She is almost 1 year old and 17 lbs. Any ideas? I think she has some Jack Russell Terrier in her, but other than that, idk.
  6. ~WelshStump~

    New fabric, cell phone pouch, and SALE!

    First, from now through the 31st, SpoonFlower is offering fat-quarters, 2-for-1! 2 for the price of one, Second, I got a new phone! Well, it was my mother's idea, but anyway, just another excuse to use up my growing collection of fabric...
  7. S

    Guess The Breed

    Looking at this puppy online, looking to adopt a puppy very soon. Can anybody help identify the breed of this sweet little guy? :)
  8. B

    Could someone please tell me what breed this is?

    When i was on holiday i found this dog next to the place i was staying. I think the owner may have lost it as it seemed tamed. I looked after it for the two weeks i was there hoping the owner would come back looking for it but the didn't so i gave it to a friend there who has now given it a good...
  9. D

    Dante, Foxhound?

    Greetings, So I'm fully aware that my dog may not, and likely is not a pure-bred dog. That being said, he does resemble several different breeds of dog, in particular the english foxhound, lemon colored. Dante is ~1 year old +/- a month, and my gf and I found him wandering the streets of...
  10. P

    calling all breed detectives: help us identify our pup's mix??

    hiya forum folks, our family is adopting a sweet dog from a very cool rescue organization in the near future. before she joins us, we're trying to get a sense of our new dog's likely breed mix, so we'll have a better idea of what her exercise needs are likely to be, good ways to work with...
  11. F

    Is there any doggie DNA test that you would recommend?

    I have a 3 yr old hound mix (see pics at link). I am just curious what mix he is. Does anyone know of a reputable company that traces a dogs mix or background breeds? I have read mixed reviews about doggie DNA testing, and there are so many out there that I would like some advice from anyone...
  12. J

    Breed needs identified

    Hello, I very recently adopted a beautiful 10 week old puppy from my local animal shelter named Lucy, she was left to fend for herself in death valley, CA. The shelter workers were not certain of her breed but we do know that she has a fair amount of border collie in her. The thing that...
  13. Happy-Go-Lucky


    Who can resist that winning smile?
  14. SharkBait

    ID this dutch breed

    I met this gorgeous doggy while i was in Holland but although i asked the guy what breed it was i couldn't really make him out (strong accent! lol) I asked if it was a small munsterlander or something and he says the munsterlanders are german, and that his dog was the dutch equivalent.. or...
  15. B

    I love this dog, anyone know the breed?

    I found this little guy on the internet.. some guy wanted to sell it to me, but it turned out to be a scam. I am so sad, because I really fell in love with this little baby. The guy who tried to scam me said it was a chihuahua, but I think it must be a mix because I have never come across any...