1. Bolerame

    Canine Photography

    My photography. My best subject are my own dogs :lol-sign: our Borzoi puppy, Magic at 4 months of age. Our beautiful Strider (Ch.Bolerame N Tricker's Dunedain) at 1 year of age. Strider at 8 weeks of age. Ch.Emikaun Titan Moon at Bolerame at 3 years of age...
  2. Bolerame

    Our beautiful Honey..... We miss you so much...

    You left us so quickly.... so suddenly.... we barely had time to understand what was happening..... you died in my arms with your family surrounding you... our tears soaking your fur. Our beautiful girl.... Canadian Champion.... best friend.... sister.... our first champion from our first...
  3. Bolerame

    Bolerame Boxers Reg'd

    Hi, We welcome y'all to visit our site and meet our beautiful Boxer dogs.
  4. S

    Hi, I'm Lilly! What Am I?

    Lilly was a stray at roughly 8 weeks old. She has a great temperament, very lovable, loves being chased by other dogs and can be bossy. I'm still not completely sure what breed she is. The vet said Pitbull/Boxer mix, our trainer things Boxer/Bulldog ... I'm thinking she looks more like the...
  5. Willow0709

    My Boy Sarge

    A few shots of my boy Sarge Sarge and his younger half sister Luka
  6. customminds

    Our new dog...

    We are adopting a boxer from a rescue. This last weekend we went and did a meet & greet with a few favorites. By the end of the meeting, I completely forgot who was who. Either I am getting older, or all the boxers started looking the same. We should pick her up this Friday evening. I am...
  7. Bolerame

    Bolerame Boxers Reg'd

    Visit our website and view the TONS of photos of our beautiful dogs.
  8. S

    My boxer is peeing uncontrollably

    Hey, My boxer is about 6 1/2 years old. He's recently been peeing uncontrollably. He has been potty trained since he was 6 months old. So now its like he cant hold it. He has never peed inside, so something is wrong. I cant afford to take him to the vet so i was wondering if there is any kind...
  9. Mischievous Moses -  8 weeks old

    Mischievous Moses - 8 weeks old

    Our future show boy, Emikaun Titan Moon at Bolerame. aka, Moses.
  10. Our gorgeous girl, Honey

    Our gorgeous girl, Honey

    Canadian Champion, Bolerame's Arwen Evenstar (aka Honey), the day that she was awarded First Award of Merit at the Boxer Club of Canada National Specialty.
  11. Our beautiful Madison at 5 weeks of age.

    Our beautiful Madison at 5 weeks of age.

    This is Bolerame's Cant Stop the Rayne, aka Madison. She was born to Brooke in a litter of 7 puppies on Nov 22, 2006. She's a beautiful little girl who we hope will follow in the footsteps of her older sister, Can.Ch.Bolerame's Arwen Evenstar.
  12. Debo my 1yr. old Boxer

    Debo my 1yr. old Boxer

    Debo my iyr. old Boxer