border collie

  1. Oko

    New and dogless (sort of!)

    Hi there, I've been lurking these forums for a while and I figured I would introduce myself. You might recognize me from the forum, which I'm also part of. I've seen a couple people I recognize (probably not mutual) floating about! So, I'm currently a student residing in New...
  2. K

    Kodi's Mom - Just joined

    To all dog lovers everywhere - “The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.†― Andy Rooney My dog Kodi is SUPER nice. He's a Scooby Doo who talks to us constantly, and he gets very bossy! Who knew a dog could be so funny and verbal???? He's a mix of husky and border collie...
  3. V

    My Border Collie

    Here is my girl at 9 weeks and again at 1 year. Blue Merle Smooth BC. We make our debut in Flyball next weekend. :D
  4. V

    Hello There!

    New to Chazhound, after coming across a recommendation of sorts on a blog I read, "save the pit bull, save the world". I have two dogs that pretty much rule my world, and a third, temp-a-puppy that I'm puppy raising for a friend. There's not much to say about me that's interesting, but my...
  5. V

    Conformation/Structure Critque?

    Anyone care to give it a go? This is my dog that I brought in after my friend could no longer keep up with her energy needs [she is actual low drive for a Border Collie ]. Anywho, there has been some concern over her weak structure, especially in her hind end, particularly the hocks. Anyone care...
  6. AllieMackie

    Finn got hosed, yo.

    Since it's nearing that time of the year where I have to shut off the outside water, I figured I'd give Finn one last hurrah with the hose, and give him a shampooing while we were at it. Finn takes to his hosings quite nicely. He used to just flat-out attack the stream of water. Now? He'll...
  7. AllieMackie


    Taken over the past few days. We've been spending a lot of time being active and silly in the yard because the weather's so nice, but I haven't felt like going anywhere. :rofl1: We've been practicing Treibball again. I fell behind with it and we still have nothing concrete, but for the most...
  8. AllieMackie

    Some from the park and at home.

    Beautiful evening for a trip to the dog park. He seems to be laughing at something. Finn and his good buddy Riley, a bichon mix. We hadn't seen Riley in awhile so it was a pleasant surprise to see he and his owner there! He and Finn never really play, but they chase balls together and...
  9. B

    All-weather frisbee pup!

    Here is our bc Moko, who loves playing frisbee no matter what the weather!
  10. B

    All-weather frisbee pup!

    Here is our pup Moko! She loves frisbee in any weather!
  11. AllieMackie


    Just some nice shots I've grabbed over the past few days. Some action, some portraits, some derp. The usual. *bounce* Looking at... I think it was a squirrel. New favorite portrait. Missed it! Slurp. Dancing? Going after a wandering bubble. The smarmy face...
  12. AllieMackie

    Finn's costumes + randoms

    Still trying to figure out what to dress Finn as for Halloween. We have this choice, got on clearance last year: And the one I'm leaning towards... got it this year, and it's the boy's favorite animal, haha. *JAWS theme* He gets so... giddy when I put clothes on him. Nerd...
  13. K

    Flea invasion help!!!

    Ok we noticed fleas on our dogs about TWO MONTHS AGO. So we treated them with Frontline Plus, used a flea shampoo, and vacuumed the entire house and mopped every single day. We continued to find fleas so we continued to give them flea baths, apply frontline every 3 to 4 weeks and vacuum and mop...
  14. J

    Breed needs identified

    Hello, I very recently adopted a beautiful 10 week old puppy from my local animal shelter named Lucy, she was left to fend for herself in death valley, CA. The shelter workers were not certain of her breed but we do know that she has a fair amount of border collie in her. The thing that...
  15. AllieMackie

    Finnegan: fetch + bath

    So, there hasn't been much fetch this winter because Finnegan's tennis balls all got buried under snow. That, and well... balls don't bounce in snow, they get lost easily... fetch and snow don't go well. As of now, our backyard is mostly "flattened". The snow is compacted and balls can bounce...