1. SpikedMarkus

    The Child, now and then.

    For the past 5 weeks now it has just been me and Bertie in the house, he's living with me now it's the first time i've had the privilege of looking after a dog full time. So I took a few photos of my new lodger to share with you all. Also I found a few 'film' photos from when we first got him...
  2. SpikedMarkus

    Hi Everyone!

    My name's Mark and i'm from Northern Ireland but i'm sure you're all more interested in seeing and reading about my wee friend..... Bertie aka 'The Child' Bertie is an 11 (approx) year old black lab/border collie cross, we got him from a rescue shelter 9 years ago. He had been abused and was...
  3. Aint i cute?!!!!

    Aint i cute?!!!!

    * weeks old
  4. black labrador retriever

    black labrador retriever

    black labrador retriever amalthea's jack daniels
  5. lady


    my brothers new GSD that is a petfinder-pound dog :) This is how she lays when she's pouting. This particular picture is after we told her "No, Lady, you are NOT going for a 4th walk!" lol