black pugs

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    Spending too much time with my pug?

    I dreamt last night that that I was playing with a big fat fawn pug...what is wrong with me? My girlfriend alo told me that in the ten days that she has been away from home she has dreamt about our pug almost ever night...what is wrong with her?
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    Poor little puppy (new pics)

    Another tough week for Bunk. First he gets neutered, then he's not allowed to do anything fun because of the surgery, then he has explosive diarrhea, then he catches a cold. Worst part is that he is now teething so I'm getting attacked by his mouth every five seconds :yikes: Oh well, at...
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    Favorite Chew Toy

    What is your dog's favorite chew-toy? Other than my fingers, I realized today that Bunk's favorite chew-toy is his bed. In no particular order: 1. Fingers 2. Bed 3. Kong 4. Gross stuffed bear 5. Shoes 6. Bags and purses 7. Socks :lol-sign::lol-sign::lol-sign:
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    Dog Walker Taking Pictures

    I come home early the other day while our dog walker was at the house and found out that she has been taking pictures and videos of my dog Bunk. Is this creepy, or should be flattered by the idea that someone is so enamored by him that they would save him in their cellphone? In addition, I also...