1. ~WelshStump~

    Over-production of male hormones in female dogs

    So, not much of any information out there about it. Most of what I've read "scientifically" wise states that it's otherwise "rare", but from what I've read in anecdotal recently it appears it may be far more common than previously thought by researchers, probably because they have not be given a...
  2. A

    Can there be a new Discussion/Forum section?

    I'd really like a Behavior section, for questions about digging, herding, instincts, the way dogs learn, etc. If I have a question about a behavior, but am not looking for ways to resolve it (like training) it doesn't really fit in the training forum. The next best thing is the general dog...
  3. A

    Animal Behavior Blog

    I recently began writing a blog about animal behavior - taking unusual behavioral stories I read about in the scientific literature and delivering them in a humorous format accessible to anyone who enjoys learning about the secret lives of animals. The Birds and the Bees The topics are...
  4. J

    Can't stop my dog from barking/ half growling!!

    I have a 6 year old Pomeranian Maltese mix. She is a great dog but... she does not know when to stop barking when some one is at the door or when she thinks someone might be at the door. I do have a shocking bark collar but I do not like to use it plus I don't think it works on her because she...
  5. Alimel

    I am Stumped

    Lola is in basic obedience classes at Petsmart. Tonight's class was about jumping on people when they approach your dog and how to properly introduce dogs to each other. I have been waiting for this class as Lola is a jumper, no one can walk up and pet her, she lunges and jumps when people...
  6. R

    7 week old puppy growling at strangers

    I just got a 7 week old miniature schnauzer on Saturday. She has been ok with my kids, but was nervous the first day. I assumed it was because of the stress of a new home. She is still nervous with strangers and will shake and hide behind my feet. Then today the neighbor's little girl came...