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    I'm a 20 year old male who is trying to train and bond with a dog scared of men. How do I do this?

    Hi, First a little background: —Occupants of the house: Myself (20 years old), my father, Abbey (younger sister, 18 years old) and JJ, our cat. —Onyx and Abbey From the start, we wanted to adopt a dog for Abbey, as she always wanted one and was also slightly depressed so we figured that...
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    University of Sydney researchers are investigating how people interpret dog emotions

    CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS Research Project: Dogmanship Survey We are seeking volunteers to take part in an important study seeking to measure the dogmanship, or dog handling style. We have compiled some footage as part of an online questionnaire that features questions on experience...
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    10 week hyper puppy - tips on behavior and training

    Hello, This is my first time ever posting on a forum but I figured who better to help than people with love for their fur babies and experience with them. So........... 2 weeks back we got Romeo (our now 10 week mini golden doodle - half retriever half mini poodle). We watched a lot of...