1. R

    Beagle/Portuguese Podengo Pequeno

    Hey everyone. New to the forums and excited about learning more about dog ownership. I am going to be straight forward, I have never owned a dog of my own before, but now have the opportunity as I am looking now for dog friendly housing to move to in the next month and whatnot. I also already...
  2. M

    Hello Hello!

    My name is Mandy, and I'm an avid dog lover!I have one little mutt..a dachschund Yorkie mix, which I lovingly shorten to dorkie :) Shes amazing, thinks shes human, and really has a thing for bacon. Her name is Laci and she truly is the highlight of my days! I also have a wonderful cat named fox...
  3. ellieaugust2sm


    Ellie cooling off in her water tub.
  4. nonnieyawns


    Nonnie, my 4 year old Beagle, mid howl!
  5. HPIM7044


    Ellie, almost 18 months old with her sock monkey.