1. Trevor Hanson

    Car to cure a shelty of this bad behavior

    Folks: New to the forum. I tried to search on this subject, but for the life of me could not find a general search feature. So if this is already well covered, please forgive me and point me in the right direction. Background: I have a male Shelty who is 4 years old. He is exercised eacy day...
  2. jfn

    Nina and the Santa Claus toy!

    Hi everyone! Watch this. To get you warmed up for Christmas! Nina went crazy with the Santa Claus toy :lol-sign: hugs
  3. H

    Please please help!!!

    I have recently moved in with my girlfriend. She has a 6 year old golden retriever-collie mix named Cobe. Cobe has MANY problems its hard to know where to start with him. He is generally a VERY friendly dog to humans. He is terrified and generally uninterested in any dogs bigger than a...
  4. S

    Trained inside/crazy outside

    My Mika is about 6-7 months now, she's a german shepard/bermese moutain dog mix. She's never been good on the leash, zig zagging, pulling, hurting my arm lol Now with the snow/ice it is even worst lol I can not get her to calm down for the leash. Every walk is the same thing, when she gets...
  5. H

    Training Your Best Friend!

    I have tried many a-time, again and again, programs and lessons for training my dogs. Time and time again, they never worked. Why? Because the methods used were unaffective and didn't correspond with each dogs' problems, insecurities, or personality. I personally guarantee, the anwer is right...
  6. J

    Can't stop my dog from barking/ half growling!!

    I have a 6 year old Pomeranian Maltese mix. She is a great dog but... she does not know when to stop barking when some one is at the door or when she thinks someone might be at the door. I do have a shocking bark collar but I do not like to use it plus I don't think it works on her because she...
  7. C

    Mouthy Westie

    We have a westie that loves to bark at the tv or anything else at night. I don't like the concept of bark collars but I don't like to keep telling her to be quite. She is really well behaved otherwise and we all get along fine and she gets lots of attention and exercise. Any suggestions?
  8. Diesel Barking thru the door

    Diesel Barking thru the door

    Barking at me because I was on the other side