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    Agnes, My Chihuahua

    On July 11, 2020 my Apple Head Chihuahua dog passed away. Her name was Agnes. She was nine years old. I found her dead about 10 PM. I was about to go to bed but immediately knew there was no need to go to bed. When I found her dead in the kitchen, I knew that I wouldn't be able to get any sleep...
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    Animal Behavior Blog

    I recently began writing a blog about animal behavior - taking unusual behavioral stories I read about in the scientific literature and delivering them in a humorous format accessible to anyone who enjoys learning about the secret lives of animals. The Birds and the Bees The topics are...
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    About RSDR (Rudozem Street Dog Rescue)

    Hi everyone :D, I would just like to introduce myself and hope that I can participate well on these forums My name is Anita and I help out the Rowles family with the RSDR Rudozem Street Dog Rescue - Home Rudozem Street Dog Rescue - Home Just a little bit about the RSDR for people...
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    Animal Abuse in Riverside CA (your calls/emails needed) VIDEO

    Please watch this video about 60 dogs who were rescued when Riverside Animal Control failed to act: YouTube - Riverside California Puppy Mill Hell Hole This video was also featured on Fox News last night: Dogs Rescued from Riverside Puppy Mill - AOL Video ARE you mad enough? You can do...

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