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    Filming Rescue Dogs and their Owners - Prospect Park

    Hello, I am working on a documentary focused on Rescue Dogs. Our production team will be in Brooklyn this Thursday and we are looking for owners who have RESCUED DOGS FROM THE SOUTH VIA TRANSPORT. If you rescued your dog from the south and would like to be on camera with your dog for a quick...
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    New rescue looking for advice

    Hi I have had a virtual rescue for quite some time and based on feedback from my community am going to expand to a foster based rescue. I would like to know if anyone has reccomendations on how to find dogs for my rescue. Is there a forum I should post on or should I be looking in specific...
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    please help me help a fellow animal rescuer

    Before you read this story please keep in mind that this is the guy that actually takes in the death row dogs that are cross posted all over the U.S. Helping him wont cost a dime just a few moments of your time.. PLEASE PLEASE HELP HIM WIN!! Help support a deserving animal rescuer with a...