1. M

    Working Papillon Breeder?

    Hello all! I used to own Papillons several years ago and have hence moved on to Border Collies. I work my Border Collies, taking them on adventures anywhere from paddle boarding in the wild to day trips in town. They herd and train 3-4x a week in agility. One even really enjoys obedience...
  2. AllieMackie

    Finnegan - 2x2 weave practice

    So, I finally built Finn a set of 2x2 weave poles and a bar jump (though that's not quite finished, need to finish the jump cups) so we could practice what we've learned in agility. Got some pics and video of him and I working on it today. :) Mind my terrible attire and the loooong grass...
  3. AgilityKrazii

    Rush to Tug Agility Leads

    Hey guys! I know I dont post very often but I love comming to this fourm, I have learned alot about dogs and training here. I have just started my own business its called Rush to Tug Agility Leads, I hand make fleece round braided slip leads, martingale leads, tugs toys and comming very soon...
  4. S

    Upcoming Samoyed Events

    Hi everybody, I know that there aren't many of us Samfans on this board, but I'd like to post some general information for anyone who is interested: 1) the SCA website is finally updated. You can now see information for the 2009 National incase anyone is interested and wants to go. I...