1. J

    Help! My dog killed the neighbor's dog, but his owner is still searching for him??

    Alright, sorry for rambling like this, i came here not only to ask for some advice but also b/c i feel i need to get some things from out of my chest. Also its the first time i came here so i don't know if my post is in the right category. We have a female lab and she had always been very...
  2. T


    My wife and I became foster failures when we adopted The Dude (2yo Russel Terrier/beagle mix) 6 months ago. He has been very gentle and sweet with most people and very friendly and playful with most dogs. Lately however, he has shown aggressive behavior toward certain dogs and my wife. We have...
  3. ~WelshStump~

    Over-production of male hormones in female dogs

    So, not much of any information out there about it. Most of what I've read "scientifically" wise states that it's otherwise "rare", but from what I've read in anecdotal recently it appears it may be far more common than previously thought by researchers, probably because they have not be given a...
  4. K


    I have a 9 month old Jack Russell who has recently been showing some pretty serious aggression towards unfamiliar dogs. I work as a trainer and he has been going to work with me everyday since he was 8 weeks old. Until just a few weeks ago he had such a stable and reliable temperament with other...
  5. H

    Please please help!!!

    I have recently moved in with my girlfriend. She has a 6 year old golden retriever-collie mix named Cobe. Cobe has MANY problems its hard to know where to start with him. He is generally a VERY friendly dog to humans. He is terrified and generally uninterested in any dogs bigger than a...
  6. helen-rose

    Really upset!bad grooming experience with aggressive dog has knocked my confidence :(

    Hi all I am a new groomer and i just had the worst evening trying to groom a border collie male he was a rescue dog and i said i would groom him as a favor to my sisters friend, when i went to pick him up he growled at me at the door, then he seemed ok and well behaved on the journey, but when...
  7. helen-rose

    Bad experience with agressive dog has put me off grooming :(

    aggressive dogs? have any of you had bad experiences with aggressive dogs? what did u do?
  8. J

    Territorial Aggression directed towards neighbor's dog, Help, anyone?

    Hey, I'm knew to this forum and I'm getting a little frazzled by my dogs behavior. Hes about 9 months old and hes a small dog, meaning his training as already been more difficult, but so far I have felt like I've done an ok job. He does get territorial over the front porch that my neighbor...
  9. D

    Puppy Leash Problems

    My 3.5 month old puppy becomes very "annoyed" when on her leash. She does not want to come. She does not want to walk. She puts her head down and pulls backward. She will occasionally also shake her head and whine and yelp. Any suggestions?