1. Kaitlyn Finley

    Looking to adopt- Aussie and Great Dane Mix? Farm Dog

    Hi, my name is Kaitlyn and this is my first post! There is this super awesome program in my community that rescues dogs and uses the local prison to train and socialize them. I know it might sound a little sketchy, but the inmates that work with the dogs have been trained in dog handling and...
  2. PennyD

    Las Vegas Shelters

    Hello everyone, Does anyone have a favorite shelter in the Las Vegas area? I am currently trying to decide if I should adopt. Please let me know your thoughts! Thanks.
  3. J

    I did a single rescue myself, 3 states away....

    Hi all. I haven't been to this forum in a very, very long time. My old computor died, and I lost all my bookmarks. Anyway, I would love to tell you this story, and also set forth a challenge. There is a pet forum that was designed to tell stories, boast and brag about your pets, etc...
  4. Must Love Mutts

    Please contact me with animals in need!

    Please contact me if you know of a dog (or other animal) in need. I run a blog on which I feature animals in need of rescue, adoption, foster, transport, etc. Please email me at [email protected] if you know of an animal you think I should post! Just click on my signature to view the site...
  5. lakotasong

    Let’s send a shelter dog to the White House!

    Let’s send a shelter dog to the White House! When Barack Obama’s family talked of getting a new dog, nearly 40,000 of you said they should adopt – NOT buy – their future pooch. Best Friends Animal Society is continuing the petition through the weekend, so you...