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    hi everyone here is a christmas picture of my Cassie and Bobby, don't you think they look sweet
  2. Bobby


    Hi everyone My Bobby is now 21 months and he is a clever little Shih Tzu and very loving
  3. Bobby


    Bobby would like you all to see he is looking forward to Chritmas and we all hope everyone has a happy and peaceful Christmas and all the best for the new year, from Elizabeth Cassie and Bobby
  4. Bobby and Cassie

    Bobby and Cassie

    Hi everyone thought you would like to see a update picture of my Shih Tzu's Bobby and Cassie. they have just been for there trims don't they look sweet. Bobby is a year old now and such a great little boy. But sweet little Cassie is still his boss lol.
  5. Bobby


    Bobby is now 1 year old. And he is a great little Shih Tzu. He was very good when he had his hair cut.
  6. Bobby


    Bobby has just had his first hair cut, does'nt he look sweet. He is now 7 1/2 months
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    Comment by 'elizabeth' in media 'Who's Your Angel?'

    Hi it is great news knowing you have Ginger safe back home with you love and kisses to her from her friends Cassie and Bobby, and of course me xxx
  8. Cassie is now all fit and well

    Cassie is now all fit and well

    We are so happy is back to being a healthy little Shih Tzu. And is now playing all day with Bobby
  9. Bobby & Cassie having fun

    Bobby & Cassie having fun

    We all went to our daughters for a weeks holiday.Cassie and Bobby played all day, on there own or with the grandchildren.
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    Comment by 'elizabeth' in media 'Halloween Fun'

    these two look so sweet
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    Comment by 'elizabeth' in media 'Who's Your Angel?'

    Ginger looks so cute she can come and play with Bobby and Cassie anytime :wink:
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    Comment by 'elizabeth' in media 'Bobby'

    thank you for all of the people who have made comments about my Bobby he is now 15 weeks old and getting into everything. But he is a great little Shih Tzu. And he is at last getting on with our other Shih Tzu Cassie, they play all day.
  14. Bobby


    What a clever boy Bobby is only at school a few days then takes it over and teaches the other dogs what to do lol
  15. Bobby


    Hi this is my puppy Bobby, who was a gift to me after losing my beloved Charlie. he is so sweet. he is always up to mischeif like all puppies but l love him very much.
  16. Cassie


    This is my little shih tzu called Cassie, who you can see loves to play and be pushed in a pram by the grandchildren, she loves to play from noon till bed time lol. Her nick name is miss goody two shoes as she never does anything wrong, hope you enjoy the picture.
  17. Charlie


    This is my boy Charlie who I sadly left me after a bad illness, and I miss him so bad. And will always remember the fun we had, we where best mates, and the love we had for each other.