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  1. Zhucca

    Starting over with training

    To start off with I need to mention that I've been a rather lazy trainer in the last year or two. I have not considered getting Duke into sports for awhile, I've been too busy with work and other schedules. However with a job change imminent I'll have more time, so I have been considering...
  2. Zhucca

    Well now that that's confirmed

    I would say that's pretty accurate. I'm pretty extroverted these days but I would definitely say I have some neurotic tendencies. I am always pretty "tightly wound up" so to speak. And from my general knowledge of the posters of Chaz where a lot of us do struggle with anxiety; that also brings...
  3. Zhucca

    In honor of National Dress Your Pet Day...

    Man Caleb is just so adorable. :D
  4. Zhucca

    Dekka turned 10 today (bazillion pic warning)

    Happy Birthday Dekka! I really enjoyed the timeline of pictures. She's a lucky dog :)
  5. Zhucca

    2 Labs and a Bulldog

    Thanks! The bulldog certainly doesn't match the other two, but he's a cool dog. Just unfortunately a little Ham planet. Thanks Amber! Thanks Barb. :) I try.. Especially since Duke has been a brat I need a catch up on some Chaz training advice lol That actually made me pretty happy to hear...
  6. Zhucca

    2 Labs and a Bulldog

    I've been a bad forum poster. I've reverted back to almost %100 lurker. Life has been busy but life is always awesome for the pooches. Duke is a bit over four and Boomer will be 5 really soon. It's got me really anxious to add another pup soon but I just don't have any time whatsoever. Anyway...
  7. Zhucca

    GOOD Things About Winter :)

    I love winter, it's probably my favourite season. - drifting around corners. - hoodie weather, cause I love sweaters all year long. - Everything seems so much prettier being covered in snow - christmas happens during winter - sledding - skating - snowboarding - delicious eggnog lattes...
  8. Zhucca

    Lyra and the Puppies

    I love Karma! Her socks are adorable. I'm sure all the puppies will have no trouble getting homes.
  9. Zhucca

    Next Dog

    I was going to write my own reply but this is exactly what I want. Female black lab, I might be okay with an another color, from a semi-local breeder.. lol I was kind of disappointed because I was totally planning on getting my puppy this year.. but things happen and it wasn't the right...
  10. Zhucca

    Breeds your family has

    That's funny how most of the members came from pretty pet-less families. I guess if you're going to be down with the dog thing it will happen regardless. My immediate family really enjoys pets, but we don't have a ton. My grandma has two American Cockers, Kylie (5) and Murphy (11) My...
  11. Zhucca

    If your dog was up for adoption, what would you write to describe him/her?

    Hmm. The idea of rehoming Duke is really unsettling, but I'll do my best. Duke is a 4yr old purebred lab. He is a great family dog and hasn't met a person he hasn't loved immediately. He is gentle and patient with children of all sizes. If you're looking for a cuddly dog, look no further. You...
  12. Zhucca

    How Long Could You Go?

    I wouldn't even last a day. It would feel like a prison to be stuck at home.
  13. Zhucca

    What Are Your Dogs Worst Offenses?

    You know, Duke is a pretty easy keeper. His worst habit above all is eating poop. All kinds of poop. Horse poop, duck poop, deer poop, rabbit poop, and other dogs' poop. Luckily he's a little more selective with dog poop 'cause otherwise he would be banned from the dog park. He doesn't eat...
  14. Zhucca

    Who Are You? 2014 edition!

    Nickname/Preferred name: Kelsey or just my username, Zhucca. Occupation: Drywaller/Taper Age: 23 About your dog(s): Duke is a 4yr old Labrador Retriever. Just a little guy at 55lbs. I'm heavily biased but he's the best. He's perfect. Interests: Dog related things of course, camping/hiking...
  15. Zhucca

    Life Jackets

    Life jackets are awesome for helping dogs feel comfortable in the water. When I worked at the daycare we had a dog pool as well that I would sometimes work. Nervous first timer dogs noticeably grew more confident with a life jacket on. It can be a PITA if the dog hates the jacket, in which case...
  16. Zhucca

    Off Leash Reliable

    Duke is definitely off leash reliable. He's pretty much never on leash. Whenever I watch a dog that has to be on leash all the time, it reminds me what a huge PITA it is for me. :lol-sign: He's really good on a leash, despite hardly ever being on them. He responded really well to leash...
  17. Zhucca

    Lameness - when to go to the vet?

    Well, I might have an idea of what's going on, and you probably won't like it. lol Duke had a very similar symptom. About 1 month ago or so, he started to limp sporadically. There didn't seem to be a very strong pattern. Sometimes it was during walks, or sometimes after. In the mornings he...
  18. Zhucca

    Dog reactive? aggressive? Whatever he is being a jerk.

    I have a similar situation with Duke, and made a thread awhile ago about this. Duke is different where he doesn't have any inclination to go and say Hi, and is happy as a clam until the dog comes up to him. He'll give signals that he's not interested, and if the dog persists he'll snap. I know...
  19. Zhucca

    Favorite Action Pictures

    I'm disappointed with myself with how little action shots I have. But, these ones are still pretty cute.
  20. Zhucca

    Trail Etiquette

    Eye contact and smile. Say hello if they don't say it first. I've changed pretty drastically over the years and am now more recently apt to start up a conversation with a stranger than I was before. I don't like living life in fear, and I figure if someone is going to hurt me it's going to...