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    How do you deal with the heat?

    It rarely gets as hot here as it does in the States. I just have a Floor standing fan on and Bailey lays in front of that. He doesn't have a longer walk until the sun has gone down and it's cooler.
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    Whats your name

    Oh don't worry about the childhood memories.............My maiden name is Johnson and i spent the whole of School being called Baby oil or Johnsons and Johnsons Moisturiser :p
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    Would you die for you partner

    As you said............easier if you don't have Children. I would say in a Heartbeat that Yes i would die for my Husband, but then i would be leaving 3 children without a Mother. So.........I am sorry but i can't vote, b/c i can't vote on both so i can't vote either of them.
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    That was ages ago and it still hurts, but yes Kase, i can still sit down :)
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    Casey pics

    Awe they are great :) I love the 3rd one, what is she looking up at?
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    Spit or swallow?

    I almost spat coffee all over the Moniter when i saw the Thread title :D I spit.
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    Tinker update

    Awe doc thats great........I am so glad that she is recovering so well and able to put her tongue back in :)
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    I just went to bend down the side of Baileys crate to pick up a toy and the gate was open. I stabbed my butt cheek on the edge of the gate..........and it hurts :(
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    Chloe pics....

    She is only 20" OMG thats the same height as Bailey, yet she looks so much taller in those pics. Great pics of a beautiful girl btw :)
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    LOTS of new Tiki and Squid pics!!! :)

    Lovely pics :) I absolutely love the one of them sleeping on the picnic table, that is so cute :D
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    Odd Behavior Towards Infant/Toddler - Help!

    Could this not be a Dominance thing? (Sorry asking others who would know more than i). Maybe now that Elizabeth is older he is showing her that he is above her in the Ranking? I don't know......just guessing here, sorry. I would just re-direct everytime he does this, or send him for...
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    Suggestion for the Boards.

    I don't know if anyone has ever asked this and i keep meaning to and forgetting. When we scroll down and then reply to a thread.....we then have to scroll back to the top to go back to where we want to be EX:View new threads. Could there not be a "To the top" button put at the bottom of...
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    Pics of Charlie sleeping

    Bless him!! :)
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    [PICS] My Dog Yoshi & My Three Lady Bunnies!

    Aweeeeee, they just all look so happy and sweet together :)
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    Hi Jasper has a new housemate & best bud!

    Hi and Welcome Back :) Congrats on the new addition........Hope to see pics of them both soon :)
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    Bailey is sick

    Thanks everyone :) Bailey is 100% back to his old self this morning :D
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    Whats your name

    I Love the name Erica :)
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    Previous Dog Names

    We had a GSDxLab who i named Montgomery as a dad made me rename him Prince though b/c he didn't like the name, so i used to call him Prince Monty :D When my Granny had to be placed into a Retirement home we took on her Rottie xGSD.......HIS name was Joy :confused: so we re-named...
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    What Would You Do? (neighbor rant =x )

    No you weren't being rude! Hell i live in an apartment block and if people stand outside thier front doors whispering everyone else hears them at nighttime b/c it echoes, do we all complain........NO!! I think i just got used to it. We hear doors slamming and people arguing and allsorts...