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  1. Fortalwyneho

    Hello from San Antonio

    Thanks! Apollo really just has the allergy problems, but Taffy has some real serious health problems. A Zuchon is a cross between a Bichon Frise and a Shih Tzu, a Doxie-Chon is a cross between a Bichon Frise and a Dachshund and a Miniature Goldendoodle is a cross between a Golden Retriever and a...
  2. Fortalwyneho

    Zuchon Atopy

    Yesterday morning, Apollo went to see the vet. He told me to bathe him only once a month and get him professionally groomed, if possible. He gave me a prescription for Hypo-Treats that I can give to Apollo. He also gave me a prescription for Hill’s Prescription Diet d/d Canine Skin Support...
  3. Fortalwyneho

    Is your dog a dog park dog?

    Both of my dogs are wonderful at the dog park. However, I will only go in with my dogs if there is no more than one American Pit Bull Terrier. Two or more and I leave.:(
  4. Fortalwyneho

    Woman Upset After Shelter Spays Dog

    I agree, I'm glad the dog was spayed for population control.
  5. Fortalwyneho

    New Year's Eve

    Happy New Year's Eve everybody! I'm having a party for my friends and their dogs! I also have some New Year's resolutions for my doggies, including getting Apollo to gain weight. I'm also planning on exercising both of my dogs more. We are also going to stop going to the quack holistic vet and...
  6. Fortalwyneho

    Hello from San Antonio

    Hello everyone. My name is Sabrina and I live in San Antonio, TX with my two dogs; Apollo the Zuchon and Taffy the Miniature Poodle. Apollo suffers from severe atopy, which I am trying to get under control and Taffy has been diagnosed with Mitral Valve Disease. Once I get their conditions under...
  7. Fortalwyneho

    Zuchon Atopy

    I would like to tell everybody that I really appreciate the help! Right now Apollo is eating Natural Balance Lamb and Brown Rice and I’ve made an appointment for tomorrow morning for him. I have not yet noticed any changes in his Atopy, but he has only been off the raw diet for one day. I’m...
  8. Fortalwyneho

    Zuchon Atopy

    I think I’m going to stop going to the holistic vet. I’m not an expert by any means, but what she says sounds very strange. I want to do the best for my dogs, of course. I’m going to switch fully over to the regular vet and ask about the Royal Canin. I thought Apollo looked great at 12...
  9. Fortalwyneho


    I currently have a Zuchon and a Miniature Poodle. I'm considering getting another puppy. My Zuchon has atopy and my Miniature Poodle suffers from mitral valve disease. My Zuchon came from a hobby breeder, but my Miniature Poodle came from a show breeder with champion parents. My Zuchon's father...
  10. Fortalwyneho

    Zuchon Atopy

    My normal vet, the holistic vet, that said all dogs are allergic to all grains, but can consume fruits/vegetables/herbs in small, therapeutic amounts and that there is no such thing as dogs being allergic to any type of meat. However, I did have allergy testing done through NutriScan from the...
  11. Fortalwyneho

    Miniature Poodle Mitral Valve Disease

    I have a 6-year-old female Miniature Poodle named Taffy. She was diagnosed with mitral valve disease about 12-weeks ago. I'm wondering if anybody has any suggestions to improve her quality of life and maybe help her life longer. My holistic vet said that mitral valve disease isn't a death...
  12. Fortalwyneho

    Zuchon Atopy

    Yes, they are all over the counter. I go to a holistic vet and she almost never prescribes medications. She told me to feed my dog a raw diet. So, I've started that. Apollo gets ground goose/bones/organs mixed with Alnutrin + Eggshell Calcium for Cats (holistic vet says it works for dogs, too)...
  13. Fortalwyneho

    Help! Nothing fits.

    I think a Shockerd (Cocker Spaniel x English Shepherd) would be an ideal dog for you. A Cattle Collie Dog (Australian Cattle Dog x Collie) would be another great choice. They are extremely smart. I think the Cattle Collie Dog would be an ideal choice for you. I know you don’t want a small dog...
  14. Fortalwyneho


    Yes, they AKC FSS accepts JKC registration. You just have to fill out an FSS form if you want your dog recorded with them.
  15. Fortalwyneho

    Woman Upset After Shelter Spays Dog

    I don't think what the shelter did was right. It is up to the owner if they want to spay/neuter their dog. I chose to spay/neuter. Other people may not want to. It's their dog and it's their choice.
  16. Fortalwyneho

    Zuchon Atopy

    I have a 7-year-old male Zuchon that suffers from atopy. I currently give him NaturVet Aller 911 Skin & Coat Allergy Aid Dog & Cat Soft Chews every day, bathe him with Vet's Best Allergy Itch Relief Shampoo for Dogs once a week, give him Vet's Best Seasonal Allergy Support Dog Supplement daily...