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    How are dog owners in your neighborhood?

    Not terrible I guess. There's a retired couple at the end with a typical yappy chihuahua but we only ever see it barking at the windows when we walk by. Then no dogs until us, an older mutt next door that can be barky and they leave outside for quite awhile sometimes while it's making a ton of...
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    What do you think of this device?

    I've seen them before, can't imagine the dog is too thrilled about it but see how they could be useful. I have my husband hold the squirmy dogs in the air sometimes to get certain nails done already.
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    Ooh I just read the Giver series recently, never had before for some reason. Been trying to do some of the classics and popular works like that. I started Catch 22 and couldn't get into it at all, I haven't read any of his works before though.
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    I've been on a classic sci fi kick so currently reading A Fall of Moondust by Arthur C Clarke. Also working my way through The Man who Couldn't Stop which is about OCD, kind of a hard read but interesting. Forged-which is about who actually wrote the books in the bible. The Man from High...
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    Goodbye my boy

    How heartbreaking, I'm so sorry for your loss, he was a beautiful boy.
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    Daily Dog Meals - Raw Feeding

    It depends on what it is. Chicken quarters I get in 10 pound bags so I thaw one in the sink when I need it. I'll pack glad containers or freezer bags with what I can't use in a couple days. Organs I get in 40# blocks and I try to chop in approx 3# chunks, I freeze on trays and then bag. Pork...
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    Daily Dog Meals - Raw Feeding

    Look like the meals around here! I rarely feed tripe but bought some with a cat food order last month, omg I forgot how nasty that stinks. I can't believe they eat it. Nice on the roadkill deer. I always seem to see them a day too late, that or the birds around here are just super quick...
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    (SNAKES) Cake, Blackout, and Vigil: progression thread!

    I've had the ball for a long time but only got into adding to my collection a couple years ago, besides him and the dum. I've got a red tail boa, 4 short tail pythons and a western hognose. The dumeril's is probably around a year old? I bought him in March, got him in May but not sure what his...
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    (SNAKES) Cake, Blackout, and Vigil: progression thread!

    Great pics. I like that you went for an albino and a black pastel, real color variety there. I prefer the darker morphs myself although my only ball python is a normal. It's so fun getting babies and growing them up, my bp is around ten so I'm always amazed at how little babies are. I did...
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    How does Your Dog do Around Fireworks?

    None of mine care, we are usually in bed by the time they go off on the 1st and 4th of July and they barely notice. Same with storms. Smoke alarm freaks the oldest dog out badly and my cat stresses over storms though.
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    Menstrual cups

    I am a new user to the diva cup and getting it in and out are not my most favorite but it's still 10x better than tampons or pads. I haven't had too many issues with it not opening but usually remove and try again if I think it hasn't. I had to trim the stem a little bit too. It is so nice...
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    What is your timeline like for nextdog?

    Hopefully many years off, 2 was enough but we have three and they are 5, 8 and 10 this year so probably 5+ years at least before we are looking to add another dog.
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    What is your opinion of toy breeds and small dog breeds?

    Depends, I don't care for some at all, not of fan of any with "people" ish flowing hair or poodle things, or brachy breeds. I don't know that I would ever own a super small dog, but would be alright with a 15-20 pound terrier of some sort. It seems like many are rather loud though. Generally...
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    Ferret People -- Housing question

    Hmmm, interesting question, my ferret room is the one bedroom in the house without a radiator but they have never paid any attention to them while in other rooms.
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    Whos dogs have fought

    Yes, a few serious ones all between Nero and either of the girls over food, there's been a couple scuffles as well, generally also over resources. They do get along decently with good management but like most bully breeds, give them a reason and they will go at it. Luckily for us the oldest...
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    Aquarium lighting help please!

    Ballast might be shot, there should be a little replaceable tube.
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    The Official "What are you reading" Thread

    Currently reading the fear in the sky series and going to try hunger games after this. On a trial run with kindle unlimited so giving a few different things a try. For recent good reads I got into Still Alice, but it makes you feel a little crazy. Ghost Boy was another powerful read...
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    ferret question!

    Ferrets aren't really trainable when it comes to that sort of thing. We had them in two apartments with carpet and it was awful. You can put down newspaper or plastic sheeting around corners and doorways. When we bought a house we ripped out the carpet and put down plastic over the hardwoods...
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    Because of sillysallys thread-what do you and your so splurg on or love?

    Pet stuff 95% of the time or said pets. I've spent thousands the past year on reptiles especially but after this year my herp room should be completely pimped out. I did buy myself a new ipad and accessories for that and I buy a lot of books but usually big purchases are house needs...
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    What are you getting your significant other for Christmas?

    He's already gotten most of this because we don't celebrate xmas too seriously. Lego Simpsons set, Lego Joker something or another, I got him a lootcrate subscription and some gummies-he eats sour gummy crap like crazy and is a huge nerd clearly. He pretty much likes superhero, lego, guns...