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    New Levis Commercial

    sofa king, to answer your question, i think they had guy and girl wear jeans because they are trying to advertise a new line of unisex jeans, one jean fits all.
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    What kind of dog would YOU be??

    im a basenji!
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    thanks for answering!
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    I haven't been on in a while...

    oh no!!!!!! How did that happen?
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    Renee, i havnt even thought of getting a puppy. I know that this would not be wise as a first dog, so i will definately be getting an adult rescue.
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    also, Lucas....what type of mental stimulation do you give your puppy? i want to get one of those mixes, but im not sure how Ill keep it mentally stimulated
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    Buff and 2 hamsters...

    lol! I have guinea pigs, and I hope my dog wont be harmful to them.
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    none yet...hoping though!
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    i have a question about socialization: should i be cautious when introducing dogs????? should i be looking for agressive behavior etc?
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    oh, i definately havnt ruled out mixes. Is there any particular combo of dogs that are pretty mellow? we seem to have a lot of border collie/lab mixes round here. how are those?
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    Thanks all! I've learned so much already - so glad i joined!
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    Sleeping with a Dog

    My friend's dog sleeps with her. The dog takes about 3/4 of the bed and this is a twin bed. my friend gets about as much space as the size of a pillow.
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    Ive narrowed it down to two - what do you think?

    how much does innova cost?
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    Ive narrowed it down to two - what do you think?

    Oooh, what about innova? is that a good brand? A Feed Store like 5 mintues away carries this food. how much does this cost?
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    Ive narrowed it down to two - what do you think?

    whats wrong with nutro? a friend of mine who is a vet feeds her dog nutro and says she reccomends it to everyone. the eagle pack i got off of the blackwatch feed program. are there any other ones i should consider?
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    we havea sizable yard and a humongous dog park not even one minute walking distance away.
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    what do you mean by mental stimulation?
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    I think great danes are tooo big for us....what about a border collie/lab mix?
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    What if I dont get a puppy?

    Ok good.......i wanted to get a doggy from the humane society - glad to know!
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    Im an oregonion!