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  1. Cindi-Dobe

    Labrador Retriever Owners :)

    I helped a friend of mine start a Labrador Retriever Site. She needs a little help getting it to take off. Would you please stop by the Forum section and give her a hand by making a post on her forum? Thanks everyone!! :)
  2. Cindi-Dobe

    Blind Dog Owners?

    Does anyone here own a blind dog? A friend of mine just adopted a 100% blind 3 month old mixed pup. It is the saddest thing I've seen in a long time to see her trying to adapt. Anyone have any experiences, tips, recommendations, etc.?
  3. Cindi-Dobe

    New here!

    Hi Britni and family! Thank you for your kind heard and rescues!!
  4. Cindi-Dobe

    My mom agree to have a dog but, Where are the breeders? big bummer..

    Please, please, please consider your local shelter.
  5. Cindi-Dobe

    Dog Fighting Ring Found On Atlanta Falcons Quarterbacks Property

    Vick knew all along. The director of the Humane Society publicly said that they have his heard his name mentioned a lot the past couple of years related to dog fighting. So, no doubt in my mind that didn't know what was going on with his own cousin and his own home! (just wish the Humane...
  6. Cindi-Dobe

    Dont put your puppy in a cargo hold!!!

    I wonder if a veterinarian prescribed sedative would be the solution? My Mother adopted a stray a few years back and her dog was PETRIFIED of riding in the car. Her dog would have such panic attacks while traveling it was so pitiful. On a 8 hour car trip, her Vet prescribed a sedative...
  7. Cindi-Dobe

    Anyone interested in a corgi?

    What a HAPPY ENDING!!!! :) :)
  8. Cindi-Dobe

    Hey All

    Hi Alicia and Mo! Thanks for taking Mo in when he was a stray! I bet he is so happy to find someone like you!
  9. Cindi-Dobe

    who doesn't love dogs

    Hi Brittany and Pepper!
  10. Cindi-Dobe

    Hi from the sunny state of Florida

    Hi Roxy and Ox! Hope everything works out where he will be your companion forever now. Look forward to seeing his pics. :)
  11. Cindi-Dobe

    Talking Pets

    lol...I luv it!!!! :) Those are great!!!
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    Hi pop-girl, Welcome and CONGRATS on adopting from your shelter!!! Sadie is beautiful!!
  13. Cindi-Dobe

    Talking Pets I especially love the very last one "My Mama" Adorable! Anyone have a pet that speaks? Edit -
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    Hi Mariya
  15. Cindi-Dobe


    Hi Preethi and Neon!
  16. Cindi-Dobe


    Hi there. Dusty is gorgeous!
  17. Cindi-Dobe

    Nice Collection of Funny Dog Videos & Tricks

    I put this page together featuring A LOT of funny dog videos and cool dog tricks. Enjoy :) FUNNY DOG VIDEOS :D
  18. Cindi-Dobe

    Hello Dog Lovers - Nice To Meet You - Dogs Rule!

    Hi Chrystal and welcome! A lot of very nice dog lovers here.
  19. Cindi-Dobe

    New Here

    Hi Fedor! What a cutie she is!