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  1. Batman

    He Goes Crazy!! (Rat Terrier 12 weeks)

    Don't get me wrong... :p I specifically chose a terrier because I have experienced them and read about their personalities. I didn't want an easy going, quiet kind of dog. I guess I am/ was worried about how to handle him in that situation. If we had a backyard I would put him out there...
  2. Batman

    What if I dont get a puppy?

    I have two friend both who have pit bulls from the Toronto Humane Society that they got as adults. These dogs are the SWEETEST, and most loving dogs! Although I love my little puppy I think if I ever get a second dog it would be an adult.
  3. Batman

    He Goes Crazy!! (Rat Terrier 12 weeks)

    My Rat Terrier Batman is 12 weeks old. 90% of the time he is just wonderful. He knows come, 'hurry up', NO, drop it, sit and stay VERY VERY well, he is beginning to understand leave it, down, bring rope (ball or bone) and ENOUGH (when he chases one of our cats.) We are very committed to...
  4. Batman

    What kind of dogs do you own ?

    Rat Terrier (12 weeks) 2 cats 2 ferrets :D
  5. Batman

    Male dogs getting too excited!

    I am pretty sure I read somewhere that there is submissive urination and excitement urination. Both of them are beyond the control of the dog. The only thing I can think of is to have people great him very calmly and have him sit before the people will greet him. I do know that two people...
  6. Batman

    can't be left alone

    Hi roni, I just wanted to add that it may not seem like it is getting better but eventually if you keep leaving him alone he will learn you will come back. My 12 week old has gone from barking the entire time I am gone to just for a minute or 2. :D But it took four weeks to get hear...
  7. Batman

    I need some tips everyone...

    What about "A Day in the life of a Puppy". (I am not experience enough to do this...) I think it would be great for people to read before they actually decide to get a dog. For example... the maximum time you can leave him, watching him CONSTANTLY, getting up at night, training etc.. I...
  8. Batman

    Crate training problems?

    Hi Kroovy, My puppy is now 12 weeks old and what we have done is set up his crate at night so he just a bit below bed level (crate is sitting on two chairs.) The first two weeks we were getting up every few hours. He would start whimpering and we would hear him. My advice would be to put...
  9. Batman

    puppy supplies

    If you get a crate to fit your puppy when he/she is full grown figure out a way to make it smaller now, before your pup comes home. Our puppy is 11 weeks and the toy he has a loves are: Stuffed animals (although he humped those so they have been banned for a while) Soft ball with a...
  10. Batman

    Input on Training my Rat Terrier Pup (LONG POST)

    We just got our first puppy (a male Rat Terrier) on Saturday. He just turned 9 weeks. I am determined to do everything I can to help him become as friendly and well behaved as possible. I would really appreciate advice from experienced dog owners. We are crate training him. He goes to...