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    doesint like other dogs

    Got advice ] i got advice from debbie connolly who used to be a dog trainer on the tv show dog bostal. She give me advice on what to do on this matter. Thank you to other folk for there advice to
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    Hi everyone am new

    Dog shows i used to love watching dog bostal when it was on i thought debbie connolly and lynne davies were the best trainers. I have got a dog bostal rosette cup tshirt, photos and a dog bostal writing book. Which i really like. What other dog shows do other people like
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    my jr is a full jack russell black and white

    my jr is a full jack russell black and white
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    Hi everyone am new

    Hello there hi ive just joined today i live in yorkshire and i own a jack russel terrior dog who a rescue dog. I also have a goldfish. My dog loves to run on the fields and he loves pinching other dogs tennis balls and running off with them then he chews them up. He also loves going for a...
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    My dog a rescue dog

    I have a rescue dog which i rehomed last year frm a rescue centre. He had n training what so ever so i had to train him from stratch. He has turned out to be a good dog apart hes doesnt like other dogs. When we first got him he wouldint leave anything alone any thing he cud eat he wud he doesnt...
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    doesint like other dogs

    my dog got jumped on my six pug dogs at obedience class the pugs only wanted to play with him but he didnt like it. so now everytime a dog goes near him he goes for them i had to buy a muzzle to be on the safe side at class. this only happens at dog class he fine around other dogs any where...
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    my dog brillient

    i have a jack russell terrior and we enter competition and we have won 20 rosettes from 1st place to 6th place. we also go to obedience dog classes twice a week which we both enjoy. we love going to the beach and jake likes to go for a swim in the sea or pinch other dogs balls off them and runs...
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    Hi everyone am new

    Hi every1 am new i have a jack russell terrior dog and we live in yorkshire
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    Hi everyone am new