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    Raika is gorgeous. You're braver than me. I don't know if I could handle any more puppies. They are so active and mischevious. Gracie is so cute. My brother had a cat that liked to sleep in the sink, too.
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    Hi from Katelin and "Mischief" in CA

    Welcome! That is very neat about your dog. I've seen that dancing and think it is very special. Have you seen that video that was going around that had the Golden in it? That was so sweet. I know exactly how you feel about your Mischief. We would love to see pics later.
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    Welcome! I just joined a few days ago, myself. You are lucky to be able to take your dog to work. I would love to be able to do that. We would love to see some pics of Winston.
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    Hey Kids!

    I have a 22yr old Arabian. I've had him since he was 10 months old. Here's a pic of him and Duke together. I trained him myself but learned along the way, also. I used to transport rescue dogs for a while. It was fun because I got to see the good part of rescue, not the bad. I would take...
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    Welcome from hot, humid Florida. Your dog is very cute and we will look forward to seeing more of Copper. One day, I would love to get over your way.
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    Hey Kids!

    Welcome! You sure do sound like you're very active. Makes me tired just hearing about all you do. I've got a horse, also. The horse rescue sounds like it would be very rewarding. Your dog is beautiful.
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    Hi Everyone

    Thanks Barb04. I love ol Duke so much. I would do anything for him. He almost died 2 years ago because of pancreatitis and on the way to the vet, I was begging him not to leave me. I know any time will be too soon. I cherish every day with him.
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    Duke and Doogie celebrate Easter
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    Hi Everyone

    I just joined today and wanted you to know a basic background of Duke. He was dumped along with 5 other dogs(one his brother) in the middle of nowhere. I took him and had just gotten married. I've been divorced for a while now. I wrote this poem about our experience. I don't mean to start...
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    my first day :D

    Welcome. I just joined today. Hope you like it here.
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    Welcome. My dog Duke is 12 also. I don't know exactly when he was born because he was dumped with some other pups. I just joined, myself. Maybe we could have some pics of your dogs sometime.
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    Hidey Ho Neighboreeno!

    Your dog is so cute! I just joined and I think I'm going to like it here.
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    Hello everyone :)

    He is adorable. Love those ears. I just joined today. Maybe he'll grow out of that evil side when he gets a bit older.
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    Hello all! HUGE ANIMAL LOVER HERE!!!

    Welcome! I just joined today. Scout looks really pretty. Maybe you can put up some pics soon. I'm divoreced, too. Duke makes me much happier than that mean man I was married to.
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    Cool Observation

    I think dogs a so smart. I know mine knows a huge amount of what I say. Good for Lyric for showing you how smart he is.
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    New around this forum

    Hi! I just joined today.
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    Wonderful pics! Rufus looked like such a sweet soul. I know you must miss him. I love that professional pic of the three dogs. That was a very thoughtful gift.
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    "Official 2005 Possum Holler Mutt Club e-Dog Show" thread:

    Name: Duke Breed: German Shepherd/Chow Age:12 Gender: Male(neutered) Favorite Food: boiled eggs Asperations: To be with me and take naps Here he is at his favourite hangout, the beach. He doesn't like the pool but he loves the ocean. I think it's because he can touch the bottom.
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    Evil Doggie

    That is so funny. He really looks like he wants to get that bad water.
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    silly pics of my dogs

    That last one is hilarious! From what I can tell, you've got two pretty dogs.