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  1. the dog lover

    Public transport

    Freckles Well we have had many experiences like this with my brothers dog freckles. First u need really good treats the dog likes, then you start far away and begin to inch them closer and u must keep their attention, If this fails don't give up keep trying! I hope this was helpful!:)
  2. the dog lover

    My painting

    Around April I had made a painting of miles my dog (most likely u have heard about him in my other threads) I made this painting from about 6:30 to about 10:30 (not exaggerating) I would show a photo of it but I don't have any, anyway my mom and dad (my dads an artiest he has his work in a few...
  3. the dog lover

    My dog sometimes drives me nuts!! :)

    My dogs name is miles and he is an English springer spaniel and he can be really anoying, like right know. Every time I let him outside he try's to clime are tree to get birds and has already caught 3. Some times he's pretty silly, and if you have story's like this one feel free to post them.
  4. the dog lover

    What can I do to get conformation people on a thread?

    Can anyone stop talking about agility that seams to be ever dog persons life, what about a showmanship thread? I am not saying I dislike agility, every one is always nice at trials but know one ever talks about showmanship, I am a conformation person (for you agility people, conformation means...
  5. the dog lover

    Hi again and you have been posting on all my threads. Thanks!! You seem like a good friend!!

    Hi again and you have been posting on all my threads. Thanks!! You seem like a good friend!!
  6. the dog lover

    Hi and welcome!! ;)

    Hi and welcome!! ;)
  7. the dog lover

    What about breed, or Jr. Showmanship?

    Come on people tell about your experience either breed and Jr's that's what this is 4. Please type them quick!!
  8. the dog lover

    My dog is turning 2!!!!!!!

    Reword my dog I use 4 Jr's well. He deserves a good happy birthday, his birthday is coming up!! Say happy birthday to Mr Miles standish!!
  9. the dog lover


    I always feel that way When I show dogs in breed I always get that excited even in Jr's I get excited!!
  10. the dog lover

    New Grand Champion!

    Congratulations Congratulations, speaking of breed I am getting to many offers to show people's dogs! It's so fun. I am a Jr. Handler and I show my own dog (actually my dog!) in Jr's and now I am getting a ton of people requesting for me to show there dogs. I own a springer!!
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    Speak now if your dog has gone in the breed ring, tell about your experiences! Feel free to tell about any experience at all on this thread!
  12. the dog lover

    My dog: My Partner.

    Oh yes Let the funny story's begin! That was a good one! I like that story! Thanks for posting!! Always are looking for stories!!
  13. the dog lover

    Aggression problems?

    My dog miles standish is aggressive with other dog. He is a menace. We go to class every Thursday morning. This week he was terrible!! The teacher had to take him out of the building! Don't be discouraged bye your dogs bad behavior. I am eleven and I handle my aggressive dog, even in the Jr. Ring!!
  14. the dog lover


    Who has dog trouble? Speak now if you do! I have a dog named miles standish who has dog problems, I mean it. He attacks other dogs, he is a pain in the butt. If you have dog trouble like that don't be discouraged, because I am eleven and I have miles standish the dog who attacks other dogs. :D
  15. the dog lover

    At what age did your dog start trialing?

    When I started training I started a few years ago when I was about 7. I am eleven now but I still train a extremely hard dog to handle. He attacks other dogs. I love him though, he and I also do Jr. Handling with him, we are a great teen!!
  16. the dog lover

    What do you think about Jr. Showmanship?

    I am a Jr. Handler I love doing what I do that includes going into the breed ring and Jr. Ring. What do you think about it?
  17. the dog lover

    Lola's good weekend

    Doble Q if you got a first and second on the same day than you get points tord your MOC. hopefully you know what a MOC is. posted by A.E.V.M
  18. the dog lover

    me & my dog miles

    my dog has had many funny moments but the funniest moment for me was his birth day. Every year i insist that we celebrate miles birth day so last year all are dogs freckles miles and bandit ate cake and popped balloons and i made him a nice birthday hat. it was very cute! this year he will...
  19. the dog lover

    the dog

    my dog, miles is a english springer spaniel. he is loved. do your dogs enjoy a class every thurs day? he is sort of aggressive so that makes him a hand full. so do you have that much of a hand full