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  1. Louie


    How cute is this face???
  2. H

    Your dogs best attribute?

    Louie best attribute would be his cute little Phantom of the Opera face and his bluest of blue eyes!
  3. H

    weird breed mixes

    I've seen a dachshund/boxer. It looked just like a weenie dog with longer legs and was brindle. And I found on the internet an English bulldog/chinese crested. It looked like a bulldog but with no hair except on it's head! It was cute!
  4. Rich is sleepy...

    Rich is sleepy...

    he sleeps anytime and anywhere.
  5. H

    Comment by 'hemi_bebe' in media 'Ready for winter'

    Cute little doxie
  6. Rich the sleepy boy

    Rich the sleepy boy

    Rich can sleep all the time anywhere!
  7. Rich the Hot Dog

    Rich the Hot Dog

    Rich is my little cutie produced by my first cutie, Bigg. He just loves being a hot dog.
  8. Bigg and Tamia

    Bigg and Tamia

    I want my toy BACK!
  9. Bigg Sooner

    Bigg Sooner

    Bigg can destroy any toy you give him.
  10. psycho man Louie

    psycho man Louie

    I love to poise for pictures.
  11. Bigg Sooner

    Bigg Sooner

    Bigg loves to sit on the back of the couch.
  12. Louie the Phantom

    Louie the Phantom

    Louie loves turning his head and making funny faces.