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  1. BigDog2191

    The Good News thread

    I got hired for 35k a year as a car salesman. First job with a salary. Pretty happy about that :)
  2. BigDog2191

    Life is worth living.

    Just want to say, this is a great post; useful, relevant, easy to understand information that everyone can, and should apply. This is one of those things that's worth reading once a day to remind yourself of some easy steps you can take to make yourself a happier, more efficient you.
  3. BigDog2191

    Whats your plan for today

    Woke up, took the ACT, went to work out and finished laundry. I've done everything I need to do today
  4. BigDog2191

    "Boobie Marks"? A question mainly for guys

    Uh, yah. Definitely possible. I hate that. A shirt's never quite the same...
  5. BigDog2191

    Whatever happened to sympathy??

    That's so disturbing. What a horrible human being. I also am aware of celebrity profiling, everyone always talks about how celebrities always get it easy, that's so wrong. Every cop wants to be the cop that busts the celebrity, and the law often comes down harshly on them to set an...
  6. BigDog2191

    I wonder if these are real...

    :lol-sign: That was awesome... gonna have to try that one day ;)
  7. BigDog2191

    What do I do? :(

    Personally, I would go. She's a friend that's leaving and wants to say good bye to you. You and your boyfriends problems can be dealt with afterward... I just think it would be a bit selfish on both your parts if you didn't go, know what I mean? Just my two cents.
  8. BigDog2191

    The Official "What are you reading" Thread

    Chuck Liddell's biography.
  9. BigDog2191

    What is your hobby?

    I weightlift, armwrestle, and read a lot. I used to write as well but I haven't done it in so long, I feel almost like I've lost any knack I had for it.
  10. BigDog2191

    Anybody in the path of Hurricane Gustav?

    I don't exactly have anywhere to go. I'm in a brick building with plenty of water and nonperishables. But yeah, I mean this isn't really my first rodeo either. I pretty much grew up where every year there was at least one hurricane, big or small.
  11. BigDog2191

    Anybody in the path of Hurricane Gustav?

    I sure AM! Right where Gustav's supposed to take it's dump... Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Supposed to be worse than Betsy.
  12. BigDog2191

    The Official "What are you reading" Thread

    I just bought that! I read the blurb and thought it sounded fun and interesting. But right now, I'm reading: Laughing Without an Accent by Firoozeh Dumas.
  13. BigDog2191

    Rocky Pictures (LOTS)

    Haha, when he wants to be. He'll come up and hit me with his nose and then when I show him too much love and affection he lets me know, lol. :p
  14. BigDog2191

    Rocky Pictures (LOTS)

    He's big... he's not huge but he's certainly very STOCKY... built low to the ground, like a little truck. I don't know how much he weighs but I imagine about 90 or so pounds at the least.
  15. BigDog2191

    Wish Me Luck

    By size/weight. I'm seventeen. Most the people I went against were at least over 20 and had been doing it for a while. The only guy there who was my age-ish was a guy who'd been doing it for about 3 years and although he beat me at the tournament off the bat because of his speed... in a...
  16. BigDog2191

    Wasent going to say anything but......

    That's pretty sick of him to do... your friends did the right thing. I hope you're able to recover, both physically and emotionally. Hope to see you on here more...
  17. BigDog2191

    Wish Me Luck

    I recently posted some pictures in the General Dog Forum. Check em out! :)
  18. BigDog2191

    Wish Me Luck

    Thanks for your support everyone... lol, I lost every match. But I did compete in a very stacked class and I've only been doing it a short while, it sucked but I learned from it...
  19. BigDog2191

    Food porn

    You suck, lol... I'm cutting weight and cannot eat this type of food at the moment.
  20. BigDog2191

    Wish Me Luck

    You used to powerlift... I know a lot of times bigger armwrestling competitions wind up in the same overall place as a weight lifting (ie, the Arnolds) competitions, maybe you've encountered the sport before? Either way, I may have to get you to write me a couple of arm workouts I can employ. ;)