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  1. Ivy

    Here's what a balanced, enzyme rich raw food diet does

    The picture is a crappy quality one so the dog may look better in person. Who cares if the op posts only about nutrition? Why does he have to participate in all the other threads? Is it some sort of "pre-requisite" of Chaz to be involved in everything here? If you don't like that the op...
  2. Ivy

    got stuck with an 8 week old pit with issues, help?

    It's hard to say without seeing the behaviour, but it does sound like a typical puppy. Could you get a video of when he's acting up like this?
  3. Ivy

    ACV For Cleaning Ears

    I was reading that using ACV is good for cleaning ears but that you might want to dilute it with peroxide instead of water to avoid an ear infection. Anyone with experience in this?
  4. Ivy

    Separation Anxiety?

    For the last several days Ivan has pooped in the house. He was always really good at letting me know when he needs to go outside. I am starting to be convinced that he's doing it out of frustration. I give him as much attention as possible considering his issues and all but I can't give him...
  5. Ivy

    Weird new aggression behavior from Ma'ii

    Maybe it could be some crazy redirection from excitement?? I know Tynan sometimes mildly snaps at others when he's excited during outside time preparation. It's never that bad but I do have to manage it sometimes.
  6. Ivy

    Contacting Celebrities

    I was thinking of contacting celebrities for an autograph made out to the rescue to make into a calendar to raise some funds for the rescue. Should I hand-write or type the letter or send an e-mail?
  7. Ivy

    Pepper says Here We Go Again!!!

    Awwww, Pepper, I love his freckles. :)
  8. Ivy

    Thought On Trainer

    His background is: Ivan is a year old Akbash/Kuvasz mix (neutered) and was abused as a puppy. He was surrendered to a shelter and was adopted out to a family and was brought back shortly for growling and snarling at the husband. He was sitting in a shelter for almost 4 months when we pulled...
  9. Ivy

    Thought On Trainer

    Thank you all so much for letting me know. I keep forgetting about youtube. Greenmagick & Adjorts , i'm in between Hamilton and Niagara Falls. If you can recommend someone that would be great.
  10. Ivy

    Thought On Trainer

    Brad Pattison. I don't have cable so I haven't seen any of his shows. I was reading his website and came across this: What could that mean, he uses excessive force? Those that have seen his show, maybe you could elaborate what you see him do. I'm looking for a trainer to help me work...
  11. Ivy

    Thyroid & Blood Test

    Dallas is going on for his thyroid blood test tomorrow at 10am. I usually give him his meds at 9am, about 2.5 to 3 hours after breakfast, and again at 9pm some as breakfast. How many hours before should I be giving Dallas his medication before the blood test? Would it be the same as usual...
  12. Ivy

    Overexcitement During Leash Walks

    I don't really agree with the first part of your post, you're entitled to your opinion though. Ivan is not a puppy. He's a young dog that came from an abusive home and was sitting in a shelter for months before he came here. I'll try bringing out a toy but I haven't found one he really likes...
  13. Ivy

    Overexcitement During Leash Walks

    At times during our leash walks, Ivan gets a burst of energy and starts nipping at my heels. He doesn't do it hard, but it's an unacceptable behaviour and i'm afraid if his excitement keeps escalating he might hurt me. Especially since we're still getting to know each other and build trust...
  14. Ivy

    Happy 4th Birthday, Trent!!

    What a beautiful tribute to Trent's birthday. Happy Birthday Handsome Boy!!
  15. Ivy

    No Weight Gain

    I'm just going by what was told to me by the shelter and by the vet paperwork that came with Ivan; all animals were dewormed but the paperwork doesn't specify with what. I guess I could take in a sample next week.
  16. Ivy

    No Weight Gain

    Ivan was vet checked before he came here. He's UTD with vaccines and was dewormed multiple times.
  17. Ivy

    Fundraising Ideas

    Ivan is my foster dog, he's not mine. I'm a volunteer for a registered dog rescue. I guess I could ask other rescues what trainers they use in my area. Could be a good place to start in terms of finding a decent trainer at a decent price.
  18. Ivy

    No Weight Gain

    I took Ivan to the vet today. I'm a little worried since the last time he went to the vet (Dec. 6, 2012) he was 96lbs. Today he weighs 95.8lbs. No weight gain at all in so much time. It worries me since he's so young and should be growing like a weed, plus seeing how big he is (head size...
  19. Ivy

    Fundraising Ideas

    I would really like to enroll Ivan in an obedience class. He's a lot of dog and it will give him a better chance at being adopted safely and help build confidence in him. I was looking at some local trainers and the cost is on average of $500. I was thinking of having some sort of fundraiser...