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  1. cinmo7

    My computer screen is doing something strange.

    your monitor is going out
  2. cinmo7

    "BAD idea kid"

    Thank You even though the parent was an idiot maybe you were able to still reach the boys.
  3. cinmo7

    Part 2,following Yesterdays River Fun

    Totally awesome.
  4. cinmo7


    Tuna fish sandwiches and a bag of generic chips lol
  5. cinmo7

    My parents have gone grandbaby-crazy

    There you go they could start giving you little brothers & sisters. Modern tech. age doesn't mean a whole lot now days.
  6. cinmo7

    awww poor poppet

    poor pup
  7. cinmo7

    i'm a total newbie

    Best of Luck to you
  8. cinmo7

    Grey Samoyed?

    He/she is pretty. What an awesome color.
  9. cinmo7

    Question, chazzers

    Next time bring out the camera.
  10. cinmo7

    Anybody hear about the Arkansas kids in the Florida car accident

    Can you look up the newspaper for that area and see if they posted any further info?
  11. cinmo7


    God Bless the PEOPLE that make this America!
  12. cinmo7

    My sis got married (pics)

    Great pics.
  13. cinmo7

    In Tears

    Have the police come up with anything on the prints? Also it there are any pawn shops there check for your stolen goods, flea markets ,local garage sales should all be checked as well as newspapers etc...Watch for stolen goods to be offered for sale. Best of luck to you. Be safe Rucus
  14. cinmo7

    I am the worst dog owner ever.. *big scare*

    Lesson learned all ended well. Hugs to you & Maggie
  15. cinmo7

    My gloat time!

    Way to go.
  16. cinmo7

    Woe is me.

    That really sucks. Hope you can breathe life back into it.
  17. cinmo7

    Please just kill me now

    Most places you can go in and have your password emailed to you.
  18. cinmo7

    How To Catch A (stray) Dog?

    I would try leaving it some food where you have seen it. It will learn your smell from the food gradually bring the food closer to your house kinda trail it along. It will take some work but if you can't get a live trap and it's skittish. It might be worth a try. Best of luck to you and the poor...
  19. cinmo7

    Prayers for a friend

    Prayers being said here for all involved