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    breeds that will naturally stay with you

    some breeds have more inclination to wonder/roam (terriers, northern breeds, hounds, and others) than some other breeds such as herders (and others)...but I think even among the less inclined breeds to roam it is highly dependant on the individual dog. I have a german shepherd who is always...
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    what says troll to you?

    yeah, I know. that was a joke but I DID just finish my profile. meant to do that the day I signed up but then forgot and never thought of it untill just now. a troll is someone who intentionally stirs the pot/tries to start arguments just for the sake of starting an argument.
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    what says troll to you?

    my profile is not complete, guess I should get on that. and dont recall if I posted an intro or not? to me a troll is someone who either does not know what they are talking about but is convinced they do, and posts in controversial threads/topics or posts in way that should be obvious to them...
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    Useful dog...

    both my dogs are very usefull. they rub their noses all over the car and house windows so that theives cant see inside. they pull the bath mat/towel thing away so that when one of us steps out of the shower we put our feet on the cold tile floor. they chase the birds and squirrels away from...
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    Last Person to Post Wins!

    scob lost...hahahahaha
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    Santa's reindeer?

    hes a shoe in...wait. can he fly? I think that matters.
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    Puppy umbilical hernia surgery question

    our little mixed breed female had one. got fixed when she got spayed at 6 months. think it cost about $25 plus the spay surgery, may have even been less but Im sure it depends on the vet. we were told it is not necassary, just a cosmetic surgery. we almost didnt do it but since they were...
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    Last Person to Post Wins!

    or me?
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    went to see frineds pups!

    well, I wonder the same things as bubba. but still...WAY CUTE!!! 2 litters, isnt six even a big number for a bulldog litter? thought they usually only had one or two and often need C-section to give birth. dont know much about bulldogs do I? they are adorable.
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    Getting a German ShowLine GSD

    awesome!!! post lots and lots of pictures after you get her. what are her bloodlines? Yuri, Yoni, Yoda, Yvette, Yanni, Y names are hard...good luck!!
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    what are some of his songs? never heard of him.
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    girlfriend in highschool had one, nothing good to say about that one. girlfriends parents didnt do ANY training with it. dont base opinion on that though, total owner error.
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    Last Person to Post Wins!

    puts ice pack on butt where chloe kicked it
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    Three Word Dog Story

    and they meow
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    Last Person to Post Wins!

    lights chloes book on fire
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    Last Person to Post Wins!

    nope, I didnt forget this thread.
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    I'm in so much pain!!

    if you have it pulled find out what your dentist charges for a permenent fake tooth in its place. it should be quite a bit cheaper. never had a root canal but know several people who have, from what I hear a root canal is almost more painfull than breaking the tooth. good luck.
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    Golden Retreivers

    grew up with a golden retriever. both her parents were show dogs and she too was a show quality (supposedly, we never showed her). her father was mostly from field bloodlines, her mother was all show lines. our female was a bit more stocky (larger bones and muscle). the dad looked like a...
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    Never knew rotties are man eaters

    yeah, thats insane. rotties are guard dogs and should be reserved with strangers and protective of their people and their peoples property if necassary. never met a single rottweiler that I thought was a man eater. some were a little too aggressive but that is owner fault. idiots.
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    just make sure there are no holes for them to stepr in, nothing like garden hoses and stuff to get tangled in, and be sure that none of the plants you may have in the yard are poisonous to horses. also be sure they cant get the gates open. windows are a problem too, they could easily bump a...