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  1. Tazwell

    SE Wisconsin/Chicago events and stuff to do?

    Hey guys, fleetwood and I are in Kenosha WI this weekend ( heading down through chicago tomorrow), and I've seen a couple of dog trailers and the PetSmart rescue waggin here at our hotel. I was wondering if there's something going on nearby, a dog show perhaps? Plus, does anybody know of any...
  2. Tazwell

    what are your dogs leash manners like?

    I seriously thinking about making a thread today in the training section about this. Adrian was awful when I got her-- always on a flexi, leaning sideways into the leash 100% of the time. She literally took like 2 weeks to train, and now she never ever pulls. If she forgets, a light jingle...
  3. Tazwell

    Onyx roadtrips to San Francisco

    You take the most amazing photos. Onyx is beautiful! Can you borrow fleetwood for a day or two, and take lots of pictures? :D
  4. Tazwell

    Fleetwood recents

    Thanks! It's almost worthy of it's own post, but Over the years and ups and downs, it seems to have been an autoimmune disorder all along. A 'crohns' disease' of sorts. He's taking an everyday med called Low dose naltrexone, which makes his immune system happy, and we haven't had a real bad...
  5. Tazwell

    Fleetwood recents

    Hi all... I haven't been a useful member of this forum in a long time (if ever, lol.) but I swear I have been a faithful lurker! I have a computer to play with now, so I can get a little more involved in the forum scene. Starting with some Pics! Fleetwood is almost 3.5 years old now...
  6. Tazwell

    Today my CAO defended me hehe!

    Your breed is inherentely cautious and watchful. Please train your dog, because if you cannot control your dog and call him off of a threat (real or fake) you do have a problem. He is young still, but don't let him continue to grow into unruly behavior.
  7. Tazwell

    How does your dog interact with kids?

    Fleetwood seems to really enjoy children. I have to be a little careful though, because were not really around kids often enough for me to teach him to tone it down a bit. He is never cautious around them, or wary or hesitant-- he goes right for the face for a lick. Then he 'takes a bow', and...
  8. Tazwell

    If you feel immune from BSL - List of 75 banned or restricted breeds

    When I was in wales I remember border collies being banned in whatever region/ city I was in. It was back in 2006 I believe, so I couldn't even begin to remember where it was. There was a castle though. LOL
  9. Tazwell

    Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

    I don't really seem to remember definitive "stages", but honestly when I got him I thought he was "off". It was probably 6 months to a year between the pacing and confusion to the biting though. Which is when we started selegeline.
  10. Tazwell

    Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

    Archie was diagnosed a year or two before his passing. He became disoriented easily, and would get lost in our small fenced in backyard. He would pace, circle, and pant a lot. But worst of all, he began biting people for no apparent reason when they were touching him. Mind you, he was an iffy...
  11. Tazwell

    Those of you with guardy dogs

    When I know somebody is coming over, I usually either put Fleetwood behind a babygate, or on a "park it" where he can see them. Once I've said hello and he sees they're not scary, I invite him to say hello to them too. Although we don't have a ton of strangers that come in, when we do, it takes...
  12. Tazwell

    Michigan/Indiana/Illinois/Minnesota(?)/Ohio(?) Christmas Meetup?

    Fantastic. I'm less then 10 minutes from you frostfell :)
  13. Tazwell

    Michigan/Indiana/Illinois/Minnesota(?)/Ohio(?) Christmas Meetup?

    I would be all in, if it fit into my work schedule!
  14. Tazwell

    are nylabones "safe"?

    I use the ones like sizzle posted. Solid dura-chew. The bone shaped one with the red nubs is hollow on the inside, and the one made for giant dogs, my little dog chewed a big hole in and it's no good anymore. The solid ones just get steadily smaller. They stay around for years. Any pieces that...
  15. Tazwell

    Clicker training with a deaf dog

    I find too many hand signals to be awkward, so I use a led keychain flashlight as a marker when I'm training my deafie. Once a behavior is learned, I simply give her a thumbs up or a pat. But I find the flashlight-clicker-marker to be super effective, and easy, and she caught on just as fast...
  16. Tazwell

    Are there breeds your dog doesn't like or is scared of?

    GSD'S. And bulldog types ever since one rushed him at a pet store a few months ago
  17. Tazwell

    Ever met a dog who lives in a constant state of Derp?

    I thought Davey was derpy, but since I've had Adrian, I've learned to appreciate a new level of "Derp". No Joke, it's really hard to get a photo in which she is not "derping." For Example: IMG_0843 by TazwellC, on Flickr IMG_0862 by TazwellC, on Flickr IMG_0881 by TazwellC, on...
  18. Tazwell

    Kayaking with Dogs

    I've kayaked with Fleetwood, but we were so cramped in that it wasn't ideal. So I went kayak shopping, and couldn't really find a good kayak big enough for a big person, and a huge dog, within my price range. So inended up buying a small canoe instead.
  19. Tazwell

    The "mistakes" regarding your dogs breed thread

    Haha!!! I had a guy last year at a parade we were watching, from across the street, yell at me "Hey!! Your Dobe needs a haircut!!"
  20. Tazwell

    The "mistakes" regarding your dogs breed thread

    LOL!! Same here. The Weirdest thing happened to me at a street fair a few weeks back, a lady came up to me and started petting Fleetwood, and casually asked me "is he a golden retriever?" .............. I waited for the punch line, or something, but... She was dead serious. Anyway...