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  1. halblingefrau

    Mouses a Buck 20

    Oh my, he is a handsome guy. So big. Love those jowls.
  2. halblingefrau

    How lightly does your dog sleep?

    Lucy is just like Feist. One twitch and she's up. Sometimes she's grouch about it, sometimes she's not. But she's always up at the slightest movement/noise from me. Angel... *sigh* I'm pretty sure a marching band through the bedroom wouldn't wake her up. About the only thing that will...
  3. halblingefrau

    Swimming with the girls

    Oh gosh I just love Karma... such a pretty girl! Does her harness say "Reckless Redhead"? Fantastic.
  4. halblingefrau

    Introducing Baxter, the Wrinkled and Wild

    He is a really good puppy. We're 2 for 2 on him sleeping through the whole night without needing to go outside. I'm no fool; I don't expect this to happen every night, but I'm very hopeful. His big sisters also have taught him to use the doggy door. The mechanics anyway. He doesn't get...
  5. halblingefrau

    Puppy name suggestions needed!

    Going with your two, I like Caleesi best for exactly this reason. Personally, I'd call her Clementine.
  6. halblingefrau

    Introducing Baxter, the Wrinkled and Wild

    A new little man has stolen my heart and came home with me yesterday. His name is Baxter, and he is about 10 weeks. The rescue got his momma out of the shelter and he was born along with 8 siblings on May 5th. He's weighing in at a healthy 11lbs and is an active, wild, sweet, snuggy...
  7. halblingefrau

    Eggshellz r gross!

    You're grosser! omg ew ew ew. :nono:
  8. halblingefrau

    Eggshellz r gross!

    I guess I should be grateful that I don't end up with shell pieces everywhere. Ahh dogs. I used to grind up eggshells into a powder using my (not used for) coffee grinder. Guess I'll just do that again... I hate to waste the shells. Besides, it's calciYUM right?
  9. halblingefrau

    Eggshellz r gross!

    Can you send Abrams by to tell my girls that eggshells are, in fact, not poison? That'd be great.
  10. halblingefrau

    Eggshellz r gross!

    Or at least that's what my girls tell me. They are kibble fed (Earthborn) but I've started adding a raw egg every couple of days as a supplement. They love it, but they both refuse to eat the eggshells. About the only way they will eat them is if i mush the shells up really well in wet dog...
  11. halblingefrau

    The dog musing/vent thread

    Only my dog... Only Angel will lay on a strip of fly paper and get glue in her fur. And of course, since she's TERRIFIED of baths, soaking the glue off wasn't an option. Scrubbing didn't work. I had to resort to shaving her. :wall:
  12. halblingefrau

    Moser/Andis/Oster clippers

    Not a fan of the Oster. I have them and they get gunked and don't trim well. Granted, the last time I used them was to shave glue out of fur (long story), but they never worked well even before that. Took me half an hour to shave a VERY short coat in a 8" x 2" patch.
  13. halblingefrau

    If I could sum Fred up in 2 photos....

    Bahahahahahaha! He seems like a cool dude, with no shame. :)
  14. halblingefrau

    Are we all just 'irresponsible owners'?

    1.) I'm single and work full time, so the dogs are home alone 9+ hours a day, 5 days a week 2.) I leave them alone loose, unsupervised, with the cat 3.) I use a doggy door and don't ever use a crate 4.) I'm bad about picking up dog logs unless I'm out walking them 5.) I rarely walk them 6.)...
  15. halblingefrau

    Let's See Your Best Derp!

    I'm staring at the first two dogs' faces going "that's not very derp" and then I saw it.... nearly peed my pants! :rofl1:
  16. halblingefrau

    I demand ferret pictures.

    Loki Sleepy Loki Juno Asher before he turned all white I have lots more, but none of them are easily accessible right now. Sadly no pictures of Rufus (the idiot) on the computer at the moment.
  17. halblingefrau

    What's your "huh?" breed?

    This. I love huskies. I love their vocalizations and their fluff and just gah. But I'd go insane living with one.
  18. halblingefrau

    Teaching children from a very young age to respect dogs

    I wholeheartedly agree with the folks advocating for teaching ambivalence. I don't have kids, but this attitude has worked very well for my friend and her cats. Her son is 14 months, and he's very gentle and will pet kitty if kitty comes up to him, but he doesn't go after the cat. Lucy is...
  19. halblingefrau

    More Grimm for PlottMom

    Oh god I'm in love with all of them. The blue eye just kills me. WANT TO SNUGGLE PUPPY WRINKLES.