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  1. Khristine

    Meet Arya!

    Thank you everyone :)
  2. Khristine

    Meet Arya!

    the people I got her from, sent these pictures to me when I asked. This puppy was from a litter they had and they needed to get rid of her ASAP because they reached their city limit of dogs.. :confused: I did ask them if they planned on getting the parents fixed and they said they would.. but...
  3. Khristine

    Best harness/collar/etc for a BAD puller?

    what would you suggest? a harness? (i heard those weren't good for larger breeds, why i don't know. I use harnesses on my smaller 8lb dogs though) planning on going to the pet supply store when my kids get off school.
  4. Khristine

    Best harness/collar/etc for a BAD puller?

    I know this post is a few months old.. My newest puppy Arya (She is a 4.5 month old Dutch Shepherd/German Shepherd with some Great Dane in there lol) is somewhat good on leash (mostly with my husband) but when I walk her, she tends to pull.. sometimes to the point where she's dragging me...
  5. Khristine

    Meet Arya!

    Hi Everyone! It's been so long since I've last logged on! I wanted to post these pictures on here of our new puppy Arya (Named after character from Game of Thrones :D) . She's 4.5 Month's Old. We adopted her off Craigslist from a family that was desperately trying to rehome her and if they...
  6. Khristine

    Need Suggestions about Clippers

    So My boyfriend and I have been given a dog this past weekend that has terrible, terrible mats on his rear and I think he needs to be shaved down well his bottom. The mats are really bad, and most of the groomers i've been to have been charging $100+ for it.. Im hoping my boyfriend and I...
  7. Khristine


    that is really fun.. mine is If Only Everything in Life was as Reliable as a Khristine.
  8. Khristine

    Who is Who on here? *ALL PEOPLE POST!!!*

    wow you are all gorgeous looking people! I've been away for awhile busy with work and what not.. i don't think a lot of you remember me.. but i thought i'd put recent pictures of me & my kiddies... The Attached Pictures are of my 1 Year old Yorkie Ginger, and My 1 Year Old Pomeranian/Yorkie...
  9. Khristine

    Making Website Templates

    :D you can look on maybe. I make my own website templates, so i'm not much help :) but good luck! are you going to be making a website? :)
  10. Khristine


    I agree with this as well, I don't really like to add people I don't really know because a lot of bad things have happened with people meeting people from myspace. I only like to use it to k.i.t with the friends i already have or old friends. i'm not trying to be snobby, but it's true...
  11. Khristine

    The waitress game

    I played this game and loved it! I also found another one like it on yahoo, you can download it for free, it's called Diner Dash.. I love it!
  12. Khristine

    Glitter Banners

    That's very nice of you to do Keyodie :) It's really fun playing with Imageready isn't it? I still have a lot to learn. :)
  13. Khristine

    Calling all fish people

    i like fish and only own 1 beta, but had no idea about any of this! this sounds interesting and i'd love to learn more about this! :D
  14. Khristine

    can u see it?

    Of course you can ask me! I'm more than happy to make them, so send your banner over and i'll see what i can do!
  15. Khristine

    can u see it?

    i just use photoshop 7 and imageready i only made yours and Pro47's. I really like to make them, i make them for my other friends on different forums as well. i'm not as good as some people on here, but i do it for fun :) it's always nice looking at all the cute pictures of doggies!
  16. Khristine

    can u see it?

    Your welcome, i'm glad you liked it :)
  17. Khristine

    Siggy Trouble

    You are very welcome! i'm glad you liked it! :D
  18. Khristine

    Which breed?

    If you want a small dog, I think Yorkies are great. They get along well with cats, don't shed at all (well Mine doesn't). She can be left alone and play with her siblings, she's not too energetic (like over energetic) but she sure can play and be energetic when you want her to be, she's a...
  19. Khristine

    Siggy Trouble

    Did you save it as a Gif? i'm not really sure what could have happened. if you want you can just use this link because i uploaded it to imageshack anyhow :) I'm glad you liked it! :p
  20. Khristine

    Hello from California!!

    Hi Summer! it's me khristine (from JFY and YT) so glad you could make it here!