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    Thor was diagnosed with mild dysplasia

    Here are non-surgical solution to your pooch mild dysplasia. 1. Weight Management 2. Exercise 3. Warmth and good sleeping areas, provide an orthopedic foam bed 4. Massage and physical therapy 5. Dog using ramp, make his daily activities less painful Sending a lot of good vibes. I...
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    Closest Breed to a Cavalier

    These dog breeds are closest to a cavalier, simply because they come from the same type, spaniel. American Water Spaniel Boykin Spaniel Clumber Spaniel Cocker Spaniel English Springer Spaniel English Cocker Spaniel English Toy Spaniel Field Spaniel Irish Water Spaniel Sussex Spaniel...
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    Smelly face.

    When did you discovered the stinky smell on your lab's muzzle? I suggest you bathe him thoroughly this time. Then check if he still have the stinky muzzle.
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    Problems stunt dog

    Your dog is probably a miniature Siberian husky. They are a bit small than the standard Siberian husky. You can send picture of your bitch pooch her, We'll help you determine his type.
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    Bad breath solution for dogs? Any suggestions?

    There are various reasons why your dog has bad breath. It might be caused by plaques or tartar and gum or dental disease. For long-term treatment for his bad breath issue you have to brush his teeth daily using toothpaste formulated for dogs. If the smell is still there you can discuss with your...
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    What's the breed of my dog?

    Your dog seems to be a mixed of Jack Russell/Shiba Inu. He shows resemblance to a Shiba Inu in his 4th photo while his first photo, he looks like a Jack Russell.
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    could this be an ear infection?

    It's too early to tell, but to me, it looks like a normal irritation caused by scratching. I suggest you let your vet see this so he can give you the right diagnosis. How do you wash your dog's ear? What ear cleaning solution do you use?
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    Vestibular disorder?

    Can you give more symptoms your dogs might be showing? Does he drool a lot when this happens? If it is really vestibular disorder, he is in need of immediate veterinary care. Please keep me updated.
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    Mini bull terriers?

    hi, a mini bull terrier is a mid sized dog, a little smaller than the standard bull terrier (the largest). They do bark and dig a lot :)
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    Urgent help needed guys! Pls Help :(

    Sorry for the late reply. Tick fever is a serious condition. If the medication your vet gave you is not working well for your kid, then maybe you can visit another vet again. Stay strong for him, don't let him feel your sadness over his condition. It will make him weaker. Hope he gets better soon!
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    Shampoo recommendation!

    I suggest you use shampoo with natural ingredients. Do you also use dry shampoo after?
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    Overwhelmed with food

    I think you can save a lot if you choose acana. Yes, it's a bit expensive, but you only have to give them just a small serving. I've tried acana before, It was recommended by my vet for a malnourished pooch I adopted. I only give her small servings a per vet instructions, and in just 2 weeks...
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    Post Pictures of your Dogs as Puppies

    Cujo in his Puppy Years
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    Hi There!

    A dog hi :) I have a Dog, his name is Cujo.
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    Hi There!

    Hello! I'm from Davey, Florida!