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    Riots been Blessed ie - "Saved"...

    I wish my pups could get blessed!
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    This melted my heart...

    Oh God! That breaks my heart.
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    Kennel Cough--how serious?

    Zoe had it when we adopted her. She was given meds and told to keep her kind of quite - try not to let her run around and so. It was suggested to also give her some benadryl to keep her calm. And to keep her away from other dogs. it cleared up in about I think 2 weeks. In addition, there is...
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    Pit saves girl from fire

    loved that story
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    The person below me ...

    True - LOL tpbm is at work.
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    A Saturday Funny
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    Do you own a cat or not?

    have 5
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    Circling before sleeping...

    I love watching them too. THe way they use their paws to fluff out the blanket or whatever I have always wondered. Searched the questions and found this. "It's a behavior they inherited from their wild ancestors, such as the wolf. In the wild, a wandering dog would have to make sure that...
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    I need comfort and good prayers/thoughts.

    Let us know what you find out k?
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    One more reason to eat Ben & Jerry's

    I also sent a thank you
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    Dog tortured, lost an eye, claws melted together

    I am in SLC, where this happend. It is just horrible! See the below information from another board I visist. We are asking the prosecuting attorney to give him the max "Update and action you can take...
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    New here and need support!

    1st welcome 2nd Toby is blessed to have you in his corner. Maybe you could have someone just foster him until you find him a home..
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    Cheaper license if spayed/neutered?

    We have different prices too. It was $6.00 for spayed/nuetered animals. Think it was 20 was those animals who weren't fixed
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    In memory of Koda Bear

    Thanks for your post. I will be giving away my iris bulbs.
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    How many dogs do YOU have?

    Three Jake 3.5 Lab/BC mix Zoe 2.5 Lab/ Pit mix Maddie - 10 months AmStaff
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    feeding too much or too little

    How do you measure activity level? Can you please give me an example? I will have to look at the bag of food to see the calories.
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    feeding too much or too little

    Type of food, and please no flaming, is Nutro Natural...Jake and Zoe are on large breed adult. Maddie, prior to us getting her was on Purina puppy chow. I changed he over to Nutro Natural Puppy Large breed. They go on 1 hour walk a day, Jake does flyball, they all walk the canyon and swim...