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    House Breaking a Dog w/o being mean??

    Hello there! Its a common issue with puppies... they may obtain bad habbits and tendancies on there own... i recomend you read these articles for better understanding: Aggressive Dog Training | Dog training avenue Dog Clicker Training | Dog training avenue
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    The RECALL GAME: Teaching your pup to come when called

    HI there! A good whay of making your dog obedient to you (for al matters) is by possitive reinforcments! clicker training is the best way of starting, i recomend you read there articles: Dog Clicker Training | Dog training avenue good luck:)
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    Potty training problem

    Hello there! Puppies may obtain allot of bad habbits (such as eliminating on the floor\carpet) this may happen when your dog isnt sure where is is tiolet area and living area, or cannot always get there! I recomand you read these articles to get a better understanding as in what to do: Puppy...