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  1. ThreePs

    Over stimulation on walks

    Zen & LAT Teach Zen at home and then take it on the road and generalize it so smells he wants to reach. Put "go sniff" on cue. Teach "Look At That." Have you read Control Unleashed by Lelsie McDevitt?
  2. ThreePs

    Anyone ever go to Fenzi Camp?

    Went last year I loved most of the clinics. Sometimes it was confusing moving from one presenter to another who had a different philosophy or methodology. A little kumbaya and the zealots were out in full force. Overall, I would go again if it's on the East Coast.
  3. ThreePs

    What does your family think of your dogs?

    Good timing Holiday visiting is upon us, so this is well-timed. I adopted a new dog and I feel like no one in the family likes him :cry:. My sister was scared of him at their first meeting so I crated him to calm down and acclimate, then let him out when things had settled. She saw/realized...
  4. ThreePs

    Immediately off-putting

    Another big black hairy dog My sister's PWD was attacked by a dog who had to run the length of a beach to reach him. He has been jumped in class. Her vet pondered maybe it is the dark face and obscured eyes. Now they keep his eyes more clear but it is still a a big, black, furry face and more...
  5. ThreePs

    Small dogs for people who dislike most small dogs

    Papillons Sports people joke [sport-bred] Paps are mini BCs. I'm biased ;).
  6. ThreePs

    New puppy and small dog - NEED HELP managing play!

    Too little supervision I know you think you're managing, supervising, and protecting your older, smaller dog. Within your posts, you write a lot that says otherwise. Think of your older, smaller dog as Grandma and the puppy as a teenager. Would you let a teen beat up Grammy...
  7. ThreePs

    Emergency recall & release cues

    Emergency recall: Zombies! If you're a Chazzer, your emergency word must be "ZOMBIES!" :rofl1: My preferred release word instead of "ok" is "break." I also use "free dog" when the dog is informally free to go be a dog. I've heard "release" as the release word <real inventive, that one! ;) >...
  8. ThreePs

    Baby and Dog take each other for a walk

    Safety concern I can't help but say this doesn't seem safe (especially the flexi :eek:). Another poster said it gentler than me: wait til Baby is older.
  9. ThreePs

    Soft crates/carriers with handles for large dogs?

    ABO Gear Dog Haus Pet Shelter For ease of transporting, ABO Gear Dog Haus Pet Shelter. Collapses with one hand into am umbrella-shaped package you sling over your shoulder.
  10. ThreePs

    New puppy and small dog - NEED HELP managing play!

    "Leave it" command I haven't read that you have trained a "leave it" type command? Have you? How? The puppy has to have that skill first. You don't just say "enough" and startle the dog to try to get it to stop doing whatever it is doing. Another tactic could be asking for non-compatible...
  11. ThreePs

    Protocol for Relaxation

    Talking I agree it would be advisable to paint the picture differently from the formal competitive obedience stay. I'm not creative enough to think of different postures, verbals, and hand signals for everything! :p I want to have a relaxed mat behavior. I never succeeded beyond pez...
  12. ThreePs

    Protocol for Relaxation

    Stream of talking It has been a couple of years since I read Karen Overall's Relaxation Protocol. Now that I have ring experience, the incessant talking is making my inner Obedience B!tch twitch :p. "Bonnie - sit - (3-second pause) - sit - (3-second pause) - Bonnie, sit - (move closer to...
  13. ThreePs

    Raw guys- help me calculate percentages

    I started my Pap on raw by purchasing rolls from a friend who orders from Top Quality Dog Food. It is time to place my own order and I'm overwhelmed! Their menu is too extensive for this neophyte. Timber is 11.5, missing all incisors and lots of molars, and is 7.5lbs. Any bone small enough to...
  14. ThreePs

    Less harmful flea & tick preventative?

    Topicals Yikes I don't want that! I'm scared of topicals because of how my dogs reacted to Frontline then K9Advantix II. They acted like it physically bothered them.
  15. ThreePs

    Less harmful flea & tick preventative?

    Nexguard or Preventic So Nexguard or Preventic? Is Preventic have a milder chemical load because it is not ingested? I thought ticks had to be attached for 24hrs before disease was transmitted. True/False? My main concerns are not wishing to bring fleas into my home and preventing Lyme's...
  16. ThreePs

    Less harmful flea & tick preventative?

    Thanks to you all: narrowed to 3 options Thanks for the replies here, I've narrowed it down to three options: Seresto collar Nexgard chewable Vectra3D topical I have the same prejudiced history of another poster whose childhood experience of flea collars was the powdery, smelly, Hartz...
  17. ThreePs

    Making farm/horse fences safe for dogs

    I wouldn't trust the plastic border fencing to keep other critters out. That's a serious consideration in the country, where, besides wildlife, many find it acceptable to let their dogs roam. You can buy UV-resistant zip ties or a more permanent solution is wire. Wire the supplementary...
  18. ThreePs

    Less harmful flea & tick preventative?

    I'm looking for less toxic flea and tick prevention options than Advantix. I'm happy with the heartworm prevention I'm using (heartguard). I live in the Mid-Atlantic with tons of ticks and the constant worry of Lyme. I rent so do not feel sprinkling DE and spraying the property are options. In...
  19. ThreePs

    Leashes for Sports

    I have my aesthetic preferences but looks is lower on the priority list than weight, give, hardware, grip, feel, etc for a leash. You can make nearly any snap leash into a slip by adding a floating ring. Voila! What kind of tug leashes do you like the look of? Do you use the leash as a tug...