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  1. thehoundgirl

    My precious Miagi...

    I had Miagi when I first joined here and some of you may remember him. I had to say goodbye to him Friday afternoon. He was in liver failure. :( I had him almost 14 wonderful years. He always brought so much joy to my life, he was my very first cat. It was hard to say "goodbye" and my heart is...
  2. thehoundgirl

    Pics of my dogs(Luna and Dobby)

    They are adorable!
  3. thehoundgirl

    Chihuahua Puppy Purebred?

    Looks purebred to me. There are long haired chihuahuas out there. So cute!
  4. thehoundgirl

    How to avoid from Dog barking???

    It's how they express themselves. My dogs are always going to bark no matter what, I don't think there's any magic whistle out there to make it stop.
  5. thehoundgirl

    New baby horse! Plus everyone else.

    She's really cute! <3
  6. thehoundgirl

    Do TB tests hurt?

    It really doesn't hurt, just a small pinch. Just take a deep breath before they put the needle in. :) The most weird thing is they form a bubble in your skin to test for it. It's an awesome thing you are doing with your guinea pig! Have fun!
  7. thehoundgirl

    Allergic to Vaccines?

    My brother's dog is allergic to rabies vaccines, he had to go to the vet both times. He gets a pass on that, it's just too dangerous for him to go through. If he is allergic to boosters, let the vet know. Some dogs are just sensitive to them and it could be life threatening if done again.
  8. thehoundgirl

    Hero's Thread

    He's waaay too cute! Sounds super smart too. :D
  9. thehoundgirl

    Goodbye my boy

    I'm so sorry. :( You'll be in my thoughts. Hugs.
  10. thehoundgirl

    Those with multiple dogs...

    Dixie & Rudy play together, sometimes. Dixie is more about fetch than playing with Rudy, though. ;) Our new girl, Lizzy doesn't play with our dogs. She's still adjusting we've only had her for 11 days now though. So I don't expect her to be BFFs especially with her rough past. But, she warmed up...
  11. thehoundgirl

    Please send good vibes :(

    I'm so sorry. :( Sending vibes that he gets better soon! Hugs.
  12. thehoundgirl

    So I did somethin'

    She's beautiful! Congrats!
  13. thehoundgirl

    Meet Lizzy!

    Thanks! She's a little camera shy. Yes I always took pictures for the shelter I worked at, but never knew a shelter picture could change my life. :) Thank you! She really is. :) Isn't she? I can't get over how stunning she is. And she's sweet too! Thank you. :) I think she will...
  14. thehoundgirl

    Meet Lizzy!

    We adopted this amazing girl yesterday. After losing Buster it has been a year and we are ready to take in another dog that needs us. After looking at another dog, the shelter found a better fit for her. We were extremely disappointed, so I was looking online that same night through another...
  15. thehoundgirl

    Breeds with the MOST significant difference between show and working lines?

    Unfortunately show labs look like obese that. I don't like that look, personally. I grew up with a purebred Lab and he was not even like that. I like the size of the Labs crazedACD posted.
  16. thehoundgirl

    Hero's Thread

    He's freaking cute! I love his ears, too!
  17. thehoundgirl

    Rare breeds you've met and less rare breeds you haven't

    Catahoulas & Walker hounds are super common here. :) Shiba Inu a long time ago. They aren't common here. I know they aren't rare, but they just aren't common here. I don't know how common they are, but I did meet a Polish Tatra Sheepdog puppy years ago and I know they aren't common here...
  18. thehoundgirl

    Trick Cat! + Updates of the girls

    That's so cool how much she is learning! She sounds very smart. :) Nika & Jazzy are gorgeous cats! <3
  19. thehoundgirl


    I'm not going to burn you at the stake here because what's done is done... but I do sincerely wish you luck in placing the pups in good, responsible homes. 10 pups is a lot and hopefully none of the potential owners back out at the last minute.