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  1. Torch

    Trick Cat! + Updates of the girls

    They are absolutely beautiful!!!!!
  2. Torch

    Breeders and Registered Names

    I really like Dueling Banjos!
  3. Torch

    Top 3 breeds you'll want someday and why?

    I love my bulldogs. I will probably always have one. So, for me... 1. APBT/AST 2. I really want a whippet. Maybe next dog. I love coursing, I love their size, how sweet and cuddly they are, etc. I have met some very well-balanced, obedient whippets and been very impressed. 3. I've recently...
  4. Torch

    Your Dog/s Bedtime/Wakeup Time

    Both boys usually fall asleep on the couch with us around 8 or 9pm, as long as they've been walked and fed. Henry wants to be touching one of us, and Rhys wants to be cuddled in someone's arms or lap. They sleep until we go to bed, and then I put them to bed in their respective spots. Rhys...
  5. Torch


    Yep. x2.
  6. Torch

    What's your ideal number of dogs?

    I love the two that I have and their particular combination, but I wouldn't be opposed to three. The two boys that I have are a great match. Henry was an only dog for several years and is pretty much the perfect dog for anyone. He's calm, easy going, and is fantastic with many situations...
  7. Torch

    How is your dog with strangers?

    Both Henry and Rhys loves people in and out of the house. Henry is very appropriate with everyone and sets gentle limits. He loves pets and gentle cuddles, but if a stranger wants to rough house with him or hold him, he politely declines. Kids he is great with, but he will ignore rude children...
  8. Torch

    Chaz Moms and Moms-to-Be Chat (everyone welcome)

    Yeah, I want to take Rhys coursing the day after my due date. Having some issues getting ahold of the club. Kind of a cluster. Eh. I had a head cold this week and passed it on to my husband. Lol. I hope it's the last time I'm sick before delivery. I'd hate to have a cold in labor. Little...
  9. Torch

    Chaz Moms and Moms-to-Be Chat (everyone welcome)

    I go next week to get tested for GBS, and then after that I go every week for a check up. I haven't had a cervical or vaginal check in forever, my midwife said I can ask for one next week if I want. I think I'll pass until maybe 38-39 weeks. No sense getting my hopes up about being dilated lol...
  10. Torch

    Chaz Moms and Moms-to-Be Chat (everyone welcome)

    Am I next? **Gulp** I'm 36 weeks today. Baby is due November 20th. So far showing no signs that he/she is ready to come out anytime soon.
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    Chaz Moms and Moms-to-Be Chat (everyone welcome)

  12. Torch

    Venice's Porcupine Adventure (looong)

    Poor girl!! I'm glad she pulled through. I can only imagine how terrifying that was.
  13. Torch

    The dog musing/vent thread

    Me too. Not last week but pretty recently. :rofl1:
  14. Torch

    Immediately off-putting

    I know you said he has shaggy fur and his eyes are not super visible, but I'd be willing to bet that even when he looks relaxed to you, he is giving a hard eye to other dogs. My intact, 2 year old male Amstaff is quite DA. I have managed a lot of his aggressive body language but cannot get...
  15. Torch

    What are you currently feeding?

    Once again making inflammatory statements with no facts or knowledge to back said statements up.
  16. Torch

    Activities during the day

    My dogs get two longer walks a day as long as the weather is decent. Morning walk is between 25-30 minutes long, and their evening walk is typically 35-45 minutes long. Aside from those walks, they are taken out for probably 3-4 potty breaks that last about 5 minutes. My older dog is 9 and...
  17. Torch

    What are you currently feeding?

    Earthborn Holistic right now. I feed the meadow feast because Rhys can't do potatoes or grains.
  18. Torch

    The dog musing/vent thread

    Haha I emailed the trial secretary! We shall see!
  19. Torch

    The dog musing/vent thread

    I'm sure I could email the trial secretary and be put first in the run order. I was signed up to course at another trial a couple of weeks ago with this particular club and had to back out the week before because Rhys injured his toe. A refund was discussed back and forth, but I've never gotten...
  20. Torch

    Chaz Moms and Moms-to-Be Chat (everyone welcome)

    I was fully vaccinated as a child and teenager. I was also breastfed and a very healthy child. To this day I still think that I have a strong immune system. I've never had a flu shot or anything more than the absolutely mandatory vaccines to attend primary school and college (I'm 27, so aside...