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    Service dog networking/community

    I don't know...been here a few years and no one calls me by my first name. :rolleyes: Who knows. But immaturity, that you definitely have down. OP hasn't given you any fuel since first page, and here you are, like little girls in middle school. There you go, something else to get giddy...
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    Baby and Dog take each other for a walk

    Right, as I agreed above, I didn't feel the video was safe.
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    Baby and Dog take each other for a walk

    I was actually waiting for the video, I did not feel that was safe. But I think the double leash idea isn't that bad. Yeah, there's a risk of it getting pulled out of parents hand, but really...maybe we should wrap her in bubble wrap until she is 18? I remember long time ago, I...
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    What breed would you be?

    I would be a chow...fiercely loyal and unconditional towards the few I love, wary of strangers. Somewhat a clown at times. Quiet, distant, soft, inactive, hard to read, alert when need be, pretend I don't love someone more than I do, but give them those 'moments' that are so great in gesture...
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    Sudden fear of loud noises

    Ripley was extremely sound sensitive, but he was from the start. As others say, do vet check to rule out any problems first. If nothing, I did counter conditioning with Rip and it helped a lot. He's not perfect, but about 95% better. He use to jet from the garbage and mail truck, now he goes...
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    Less harmful flea & tick preventative?

    I see this on [the vectra3d] this something you need a vet prescription for? And do you know of the cheapest sites that may carry it? I am looking to take off to the cabin for awhile and ticks are guaranteed. They are my worse fear, so the less I have to touch, the better.
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    Why I should never look at Petfinder thread...

    Yeah I made that mistake before....he's the one in the middle of my signature.
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    SD People: Equipment

    Oh just saw this, thanks for tip...I'll check them out. Maybe they'll have purple and a wider measurement scale to give some better growth room. Edit: They have better growth room, but no extra clips or hooks...sounds like they are more for pulling activities. Think that would be a deal...
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    SD People: Equipment

    25 isn't a lot until you add it on top of 50. If he was still way off on growing, I could see it more....but he's pretty much there, other than filling out. I suspect his chest is going to drop and up the inches, will 3 be enough is my dilemma. Maybe I'll dig around some more, see if I can...
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    SD People: Equipment

    Thanks for reply...looking around, I'm not seeing much around that doesn't cost just as much or more than this one. Or the ones I do see cheaper, I really don't like. My only concern is size. Ripley is pretty much his full height, but I'm sure he's going to fill out more [his chest looks...
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    SD People: Equipment

    I have the green light and support of my doctor to use Ripley as a SD, so I have been working on things and pushing ourselves that direction. I have been taking him into a local pet friendly hardware store, where he has been doing pretty dang good. Not perfect, but we are slowly pulling it...
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    Heat tolerance?

    I'm much more careful in the heat with Rolyx, though he thinks he's super dog...I don't risk him in anything too hot. Not sure on temp, I just kind of watch him and if he seems to be panting too hard, we go in. Ripley not as protective over, he seems to handle warm days pretty well but again...
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    Have both rescues and breeder dogs. And no, I feel no guilt whatsoever. Though I will always consider a shelter dog, I find it's much harder to find a match through them. Do I feel I'm killing a dog by buying from a breeder instead...absolutely not. The ones killing them are overbreeding...
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    Going from rescue route to breeder route

    This is pretty much me, though I always intend to have at least one Chow...but it's all up in the air for others. :D
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    Is this a double or single coat?

    Curious, makes me wonder what Rip's is now...his coat is shorter than Hanks, but I know he has at least one breed in him with a double coat so who knows.
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    Is this a double or single coat?

    Looks single coat to me, but I'm no I'm very use to double coats. But I just took out my deshedder [like the furminator] and tried it on Rip and got the same soft fluff with the stiff, straight hairs like your pics above. I'm *pretty* sure Rip is a single coat. I can share pics if...
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    Why I should never go look at Craigslist...

    Aw that is too bad, sadly I'm not surprised. I wish you could have got her, though I'm not a huge fan of paying/rewarding someone to get a dog out of a bad situation, I do agree it is so important for these breeds to be in the right hands and she will just sell her to first person with the cash...
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    Surprise Likes/Dislikes?

    Surprised how much I enjoy triking with a dog by my side. I am trying to be patient and let Rip grow to go on longer rides, but so far we both love it. I also kind of like and dislike his clingyness...part of reason I love chows so much is they don't need constant reassurance [want a cuddle, get...
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    Did you compromise at all on breed?

    I did, but I think it's like mentioned's unlikely to get a dog that is 100% perfect match [I'm sure some do have those, but not as common]. With Ro, I wish he wasn't so anal....yes a chow, but I've had them since 12 and he was super over the top in this area. I was extremely...
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    Service dog help

    I am confused too, though some trainers may give you a certificate or in case of a is not required. There is nothing stating you need a RX for a SD either [in most cases], you have to be legally disabled and need the dog to perform tasks. However, there are some situations that may...