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    What does your car smell like?

    I just came to say hello... 31 and counting.
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    What does your car smell like?

    LOL. I see how it is. I apologize. What made that so bad is that we had to keep the windows up from all of the rain. :(
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    If Your Posts Don't Show Up Tried posting in there. Got denied. Lol.
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    What does your car smell like?

    Yup. I do believe that the Crayon smell comes from the glue, as stated, used in the cars produced in Mexico. :yikes: As for me, I like Coconut in my VW. I prefer Vanillaroma but the yellow doesn't flow with the blue paint. :popcorn: Ask redhotdobe about it... I think I'm up to 20...
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    What i did all last week

    That's awesome! <3 your pug. :)
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    Please do. :cool:
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    Ewww it's you! :thumbup:

    Ewww it's you! :thumbup:
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    Hi guys. Caitlin coerced me into joining. It took a lot of convincing but here I am. :rofl1: Thanks for all of the comments on my little terror... aka Bullitt. He sure does bring a lot of joy to the household. :D