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  1. Gypsydals

    What does your family think of your dogs?

    In general most of the family is ambivalent about my dog. She is welcomed down at my parents house. Not sure if she would be welcomed at my in-laws. But it won't be a problem because we don't take her up that way(Pheobe and my SIL's cattle dog do not like each other). I will say most of the...
  2. Gypsydals

    Breeders and Registered Names

    This!!! I had a hard time with both Ivans and Phoebes registered names and there was a theme with each. I could not imagine coming up with a name on a blank slate. I would never come up with a registered name. For Ivans litter his breeder went with Color. So each puppy had to have a color in...
  3. Gypsydals

    Breeders and Registered Names

    Pretty common in Dalmatians to be able to pick your registered name. Most breeders have a theme. So you do have to pick something within that theme and their kennel name.
  4. Gypsydals

    How are your dogs with other dogs in their house?

    I don't know if its just because the 2 strange dogs have been female both times or what. But Phoebe turns into devil dog that wants to eat them. Its all about get the F out of my house you don't belong.
  5. Gypsydals

    Where were you in life at 19?

    At 19, I graduated from high school in May, had my son in August. Got a house with my husband(then boyfriend) in sept/nov. That was pretty much my year. I spent alot of time growning up.
  6. Gypsydals

    Tulsa's First Conformation Show

    BIG congrats Meagan.
  7. Gypsydals

    Backyard Chickens?

    With the move to the country. Yeaaa I finally get what I want. LOl I currently have 19 chickens and 6 ducks. I want to add more come spring. The chickens are 4 rhode island reds, 2 silver laced wyandottes, 5 Isa browns, 3 EEs, 1 buff orphinton, 3 I don't know (probably production reds) and one...
  8. Gypsydals


    I don't even know where to begin really. I honestly don't even know how to say what I want to. So forgive me if it doesn't all make sense. Some of you already know this via FB. Ivan(Ch. Highland's Seeing in Blk & Wht CGC) April 30th, 2005-Oct 22nd, 2014 He was the one who gave me the...
  9. Gypsydals

    5.5 weeks compared to 6 months.

    Hey are you going to the lansing shows the end of Nov?
  10. Gypsydals

    Keira: Dec 2007 - August 2014

    So sorry Toller to read about Keira. May she rest in peace.
  11. Gypsydals

    The Venting Thread

    Have you seen pictures of the damage? I hope she can rebuild. That was the best place to go for training. I am glad none of the dogs and people where injured.
  12. Gypsydals

    If there was a puppy...

    As long as the dog fits, the color doesn't matter. Case in point Ivan. 9 years ago when I contacted his breeder. I told her I was looking for a show potential liver , with lighter spotting. HAHA Needless to say I didn't get the coloring or the spotting I was looking for. On the day we took the...
  13. Gypsydals

    A good old dog and a mini dalmatian

    Mia looks like she is enjoying being shaved and the heat isn't bothering her as much as it was.
  14. Gypsydals

    The Venting Thread

    Well what a shitty month July is turning out to be. I don't have just 1 week off of my new job due to change over but 3 weeks. UGg talk about perfect timing. The son is also home from work due to the supervisor at his shop is on vacation and due to him being a temp, they(the shop) won't let him...
  15. Gypsydals


    I'm so sorry to hear about Tristan.
  16. Gypsydals

    General size categories question

    This mostly, except for those odd breeds like bassets. Ivan and Phoebe fall into the med category. Ivan is 22 inches and 50 pounds which is on the lighter side for a male dal. Phoebe should top out at about 20-21 inches tall and maybe 40 pounds which is about average for a female dal. Most...
  17. Gypsydals


    I am so sorry Allie.((HUGS)) RIP Porom.
  18. Gypsydals

    Where does the time go? Six months old already.

    Your roly poly puppy went the same place mine did. They grew up, well atleast in body they grew up. The brain isn't quite there yet with Phoebe.
  19. Gypsydals

    Light Heat?

    I'm wondering that as well. And I will be keeping track of her moods and stuff. We did have our first instance of big girl "bitchyness" yesterday. She took offence to the neighbor dog behind us (who coincidentally is also a female) leaving her yard and coming into our side yard.
  20. Gypsydals

    The Venting Thread

    Sadly I KNOW I won't be getting a garden this year.:( With everything going on with our house, and not knowing where we will be come harvest time. I don't want to put one in and not get anything out of it. So I will be hitting up the farmers markets to get everything I need for canning.