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    Wow, I don't come around often anymore, but this is golden. "It was accidental guys!" What a serious asshole.
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    Puppies? Temperament? RISKY?

    I was in the same boat, since Pan was a horrible puppy and everything I didn't envision getting in a puppy after waiting like 10 years to get one, lol. Since it's been a while since my old man Solo passed away, I had been considering a second dog again, but also wasn't sure if I wanted to...
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    The Venting Thread

    Take a Fenzi course on Scent Detection and train it yourself. There's no need to go to classes. It's beneficial for proofing and distraction work before trailing, but I trained on my own and got a Started title in one day of trialing. There are a lot of sports that you can train mainly on...
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    Recallers course - success? Thoughts?

    I took it when Pan was an older Pup and I had stopped having a lot fun with training (she was a jerk puppy). The course was excellent and really gave me an attitude change for the better. It helps for training everything, not just recalls, and improves your relationship with your dog. It's also...
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    TMJ-any one deal with it??

    Are you stressed out? I've had it twice in my life, both when I was working office jobs, which I absolutely despise. It got progressively worse last time, like super painful to eat/talk, but it went away when I quit that job and hasn't returned since. My dad used to get it too, and he got...
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    Introducing Siege!!

    Ah, the pics melt my heart! Her markings, the dark over the shoulders, and the fluffy tail remind me of Pan. Can't wait to see some training vids, you guys are going to have so much fun!
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    Training treat suggestions?

    Haha! The liver reeks, but that's what makes it so amazing! :) Years ago I made liver muffins, which forever ruined a blender and stunk up my whole apartment floor, lol.
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    Training treat suggestions?

    It's a bit messy, but buy raw liver at the grocery store and microwave it. The smell as it's cooking is a good teaser too, haha. Pan is also a huge fan of deli meats, lately garlic roast beef, lol.
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    Introducing Siege!!

    Aw, it looks like she knows she finally has a home for good! :) She is really beautiful, and she does sound pretty perfect. Congrats!
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    Wheel of Time Series?

    I'm on Book 11 now! It's taking me forever, especially since the earlier slow paced books would put me to sleep after a few pages, lol.
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    If it was your SO's choice...

    A pug.......never gonna happen, ha.
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    Shows That Make You Geek Out

    Just reading your post about it gave me goosebumps, haha. I did get a good friend and a co-worker in university to watch it a few years back, and they both loved it. I really wish more people would give it a chance.
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    Cat litter: all possibilities have now been eliminated

    It's my all time fave too. I have found that it can vary in consistency a bit from bag to bag....maybe you got a few dustier bags?
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    Shows That Make You Geek Out

    You're watching Six Feet Under?! That is my absolute most favorite show of all time! I always try to get people to watch it, but I guess a lot of people don't want to because it's "old" or "depressing". But it's sooooooo good! I don't even know how many times I've re-watched it all, and will...
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    Would your dog(s) do well in an apartment?

    I've lived in apartments since I moved out of my parents' house, and both of my dogs have been large (well, Pan is kind of a shrimp) high energy dogs that hate strangers. I've lived in large, busy apartment complexes, and it wasn't much fun when they were puppies, but it worked out (with a...
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    What would you do differently?

    I would have stayed at the sweet government job I had in my 20's, and not left it to go to university for 6 years, resulting in an ass load of student debt with no job prospects. I am regretting that so much right now.
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    Controversial Issues

    So much this. Also, people that use their dogs as extensions of their ego, and go through dog after dog frantically searching for the next "nationals" dog (for whatever sport), even worse so when they themselves are not a nationals level trainer/human.
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    Controversial Issues

    PM sent, lol.
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    What are you currently playing?

    I am currently stuck on level 735. No judging here. Aside from that, I'm playing some old school Final Fantasy IX on PS3 and The Longest Journey on PC.
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    Controversial Issues

    That discussion had me cracking up. It's obviously just not possible. "Would your husband be happy with just a sniff?!" Hahahahaha.