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  1. J

    Not new, but old.....

    I have been thinking about this forum, and finally remembered my password. I am very surprised to see the lack of familiar active members. So I decided to make a post. If any of the older members remember me, Please post here and give an update on yourself!!! I also read some threads that...
  2. J

    Need input

    Well I can put in my 2 cents. I think it is a wonderful idea. I have been making my own treats for the past year or more. I also make them for gifts and for friends. I have entertained the idea of starting a business and even thought of a name. I also researched the business side... it seems...
  3. J

    Hi Renee.. It's good to be back! Not sure how this message thing works so I hope you see this...

    Hi Renee.. It's good to be back! Not sure how this message thing works so I hope you see this. I have been stopping by about once a month, but haven't been posting much. I seem to be much busier with the boys and the dogs, and for some reason my internet is much slower since I it...
  4. J

    How much does your gas bill run?

    When we had natural gas at our old house it was usually around $300. a month during the winter, but I think the biggest bill was $400. for one month. The house was old, huge, and very drafty! We now live in a new house with total electric, our electric bill was $70. this month........ thanks...
  5. J

    Hey look *pictures*

    Zoom, Those are great pics! What camera are you using now? I still have my d50 but wanting to upgrade. I bought a 50mm lens, and have been experimenting with that. I seem to get better pictures with my big zoom lens though. Julie.
  6. J

    kirkland dog food

    Here is the latest ingredient list I have. I believe it has not changed since I took this picture of my bag. This is Chicken & Rice.
  7. J

    Tax stimulus question......need help

    Stimulus tax check........... We will pay for it in the end.... As a country in trouble. Ugh!!!!! :spam: That's all I can say. Well maybe I could add...:confused: WTF is wrong with our government?
  8. J

    OK there's no way it can be this expensive!!!

    That is basically what I do. I use the stickers from the bottle of vaccine and stick them directly into my records along with the date given. The local kennel accepts this as long as rabies vac is given by a vet and they have the original sticker from the other vaccine bottles. I can get the...
  9. J

    I think I'm going to find a new home for Boris... or put him down

    Fran, Congrats on the twins! I remember reading about Boris before. I just wanted to add, I would never allow a dog that I couldn't control around my kids. And yes, some owners may be able to handle a dog like yours, but I really don't think this is going to happen in your situation...(Just...
  10. J

    Turkeys-2, Puck-0

    Ahh Puck I hope you get one soon. Here is a pic of my son with his first Gobbler. And Yes, it was delicious! The big one actually got away...... But he was equally happy with this 5" beard. Julie.....
  11. J

    What cameras do you all you guys have?

    I have a nikon d50. :D
  12. J

    Inexpensive, quality kibble

    I'm still feeding kirkland chicken & rice and all the dogs are still doing great on it. :)
  13. J

    -sigh- Todlers do NOT belong in dog parks!

    I personally would never try to scare a child from a dog. As in "that dog doesnt' like kids... or a certain breed is dangerous. I have taught my kids to respect dogs and not to show ANY attention to a strange dog no matter what the breed or size! Unless I know a dog personally and approve, no...
  14. J

    need some info please

    Just curious... why a large dog and a small dog? What are the benefits of having both as to one large dog or one small dog?
  15. J

    How can I help Hannah get used to sleeping on her tummy?

    Hey everyone, This is just my opinion. When my daughter was little I only ever put her to sleep on her tummy. She will be 18 this month.. Ugh. Anyway, She was such an active baby with great muscle strength. She walked at 9.5 months and had great cordination. My boys are much younger and...
  16. J

    Wormer and Preggo Bitch

    ha ha Zoom, you made my day! I know I haven't been around much, but everything is going great. And I miss all you guys. I am going to check a couple more threads and see what is going on.... Oh yea, We are also thinking about getting a small dog, maybe a cairn terrier/mix. But havent...
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    I have two boys..... 5 and 8. I literally have to quickly wipe the toilet area everyday! If I don't do it everyday, it takes to long to clean and gets too dirty. But I keep a bottle of cleaner with bleach and a few quick sprays and a wipe with a couple paper towels keeps everything looking...
  18. J

    update on ME....(graphic description of female issues)

    Nancy, You are a very lucky woman! The pain your body experienced will continue to fade, but your mind will not have to worry about the bleeding... and if you are dying. You have a chance at a normal life! I would be so content, and thankful. I hope you try to concentrate on how lucky you...
  19. J

    Post Secret Santa Reminder!!

    I sent mine out on the 11th. I hope it gets there by christmas! I was a little late due to snow, and the flu. :rolleyes: Was there a spending limit? I must have missed that thread. Lol :D I haven't got mine yet either, but I am not worried!. ;)
  20. J

    JACK POT CHRISTMAS I HIT THE MOTHER LOAD .... sorry to brag but you will see why..

    Congrats on hitting the mother load! It seems you have put a price on everything that is important. Please tell your father for me that I am glad he has his life, for it is really the most important of the gifts listed.